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RESS 200 unit 3 exam

An enclosed container contains a number of gas molecules. If the number of molecules was increased, how would this affect the pressure of the gas? It would increase
How many vibrations will occur in 3 minutes if an object is vibrating at a frequency of 6 Hz? 1080 vibrations
Kinetic energy can be described as: II. KE = ½ mv2 VI. Energy of motion II and VI only
gas volume of 4.50 liters at a pressure of 750 mmHg in a closed container,what will happen to the gas volume if the pressure in the container is increased to 765 mmHg? It will decrease to 4.41 liters
The total energy at the end of any event is equal to the total energy prior to the event describes_______________ conservation of energy
Changing the state of water can chemically alter the make up of its molecule. False
What "positioning" method describes the path of an x-ray beam that first travels through the back and then the front of a patient before reaching the x-ray film? I.PA IV. Posterior- anterior I and IV only
Which of the following are benefits gained from the fractional distillation of liquid air. III. Liq oxygen @ room temp can expand 862 X orig vol.IV. $ of bulk oxygen in liq costs less to ship than an equivalent amount of gaseous oxygen. V. Storage for gaseous oxygen are much greater than an equivalent amount of liq oxygen
Liquid pressure depends on the shape of the container holding the liquid. False
An object's weight is the same on earth as it is on the moon? False
An object's weight is the same on earth as it is on the moon? False
Select the statements below that describe sound waves having frequencies less than 20 Hz: II. They are infrasonic waves. III. They cannot be heard by the human ear V. They vibrate slower than 20 times per seconds.
How much heat must be added to raise 50 grams of water from 5 degrees Celsius to 95 degrees Celsius? 4500 calories
Calculate the pressure exerted on a floor by a 260-pound man standing on both feet. The contact area of each shoe is 4.5" by 10". 2.89 lb/in2
What happens to an object's potential energy as it falls towards the ground? The object's potential energy decreases, changing into kinetic energy
Which type of "reflection" allows you to read the words on this exam? Diffuse reflection
If you had a bowling ball with a mass of 6 kg, what force would be required to produce an acceleration of 4 m/s2? None of the above
Determine the weight of a 10 kg rock. 98 newtons
A gas with an initial volume of 5.0 L exerts a pressure 740 mmHg. The temperature of the gas is 30o C. If the pressure increases to 765 mmHg and the volume is reduced to 4.5 L, what is the new temperature? 282 Kelvin
While traveling at 16 meters / sec a car increases its speed uniformly to 32 meters / sec in 10 seconds. What is the car's acceleration? 1.6 m/s2
Which statement below describes Newton's third Law? For every force object "A" exerts on "B", "B" exerts an equal and opposite force on "A"
What is the acceleration of a vehicle that starts from rest and has a final speed after 5 seconds at 25 feet per second? 5 ft / sec2
A calorie is the amount of heat required to change the temperature of one pound of water one degree Fahrenheit. One calorie equals 252 British Thermal Units (Btu). False
Work can be described as __________ w = fd
Which of the following best explains the reason sound cannot travel through a vacuum? I. Sound isn't compressed in a vacuum. IV. Sound isn't rarefied in a vacuum. I and IV only
The actual water vapor content of a gas is 41 mg/L. The temperature of the gas is 36o C and the maximum water vapor content (capacity) at this temperature is 41.7 mg/L. Based on this information, what is the relative humidity (RH)? 98%
What is the effect of pulmonary surfactant on alveolar surface tension? It decreases surface tension and reduces the amount of pressure necessary to keep alveoli open at end exhalation
Which principle or law below best explains the operation of a fiber optic bronchoscope? Total internal reflection
The fractional concentration of oxygen (FO2) is 0.72 The barometric pressure (Pb) is 739 mmHg The PH2O is measured at body temperature (37 deg Celsius) Partial Pressure of Inspired Oxygen (Pp) = __________ mmHg 498
If 60 ft-lb of work was done by pushing a 20-pound object across a level surface, how far was the object moved? 3 feet
In the diagram above, which letter represents the amplitude of the wave? [Note: The amplitude is the distance from rest to crest. Similarly, the amplitude can be measured from the rest position to the trough position.] D
Emphysema causes a higher than normal amount of air in the lungs. Due to the extra volume of air, lung sounds in the emphysema patient may become decreased. What is the root cause of this decrease in breath sounds? Air does not transmit sound as well as fluid or solid.
A gas exerts an initial pressure of 520 torr and has a gas volume of 2.37L. The temperature of the gas is 15° C. Calculate the new pressure if the volume is increased to 4.0L and the temperature is raised to 40° C. 335 torr
Average speed can be described as: s = d/t
As a straight beam of light travels through varying substances having different densities, it has a tendency to bend away or toward a line perpendicular to the surface where the light is entering. best describes this process II. Refraction IV. The speed of light changes as the light enters a substance with different densities.
In the diagram above, which letter represents a "wavelength"? A
The initial temperature of a gas is 30o C. The gas exerts a pressure of 1000 cmH2O. What is the new pressure if the temperature is increased to 35o C? 1017 cmH2O
The ratio of the mass of a substance to its volume describes which of the following terms? Density
Tom places a 4-pound wooden box on his head with a plastic cube between his head and the box. The cube measures ½ inch on each side. What is the pressure being exerted on his head? 16 lb / in2
Which of the following describes a gas at barometric pressure and body temperature (37° c. that is saturated with water vapor? None of the above
The beginning gas volume is 1.0L and the temperature of the gas is 10o C. What is the new volume if the temperature increases to 40o C? 1.11 liters
Created by: Cam1228
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