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Ress 200 unit 6 exam

Which of the following terms describes microbes that can survive phagocytosis? Facultative intracellular parasites
Why is penicillin ineffective against fungal disease? Because the cell walls of fungi are composed of chitin not peptidoglycan.
Which of the following terms means only the reduction of the microbial population and the attainment of an acceptable level of microbial cleanliness? Sanitization
Which of the following microorganisms contain the molecule peptidoglycan in its cell wall? Bacteria
Lipopolysaccharide material of a gram-negative cell that is responsible for hemorrhage, shock, or vascular collapse is called: an endotoxin.
Which of the following statements characterize procaryotes? I and III only I. Lack a nuclear membrane III. Devoid of mitochondria
A virion is surrounded by a protein coat called a(n): capsid.
What molecule comprises the cell wall of a fungus? Chitin
Which of the following requirements are those of pasteurization? 62 Degrees C for 30 min.
What bacterial organelle is involved with protein synthesis? Ribosomes
Bacteria that are spiral-shaped are called: spirochetes.
What bacterial structure provides motility to the cell? Flagella
Eighty percent (80%. of the bacterial cytoplasm is composed of: water.
What term best describes the products causing metabolic changes in target cells after being released by virulent bacteria? Exotoxins
Which of the following body fluids require the use of protective barriers, such as gloves, masks, gowns, and eyewear? I. Blood II. Semen III. Vaginal secretions IV. Cerebrospinal fluid I, II, III and IV
Pseudomonas microorganisms have been known to grow in which type solution? Quaternary compound solution
Comma-shaped bacteria are called: vibrios.
Which of the following statements compare or contrast the cell wall differences between gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria? II. They both contain the same structural material along the inner component of their cell wall. III. Gram-negative microbes possess lipopolysoccarides along the outer component of their cell wall. IV. Gram-negavive bacteria have a rigid cell wall.
Which of the following microorganisms are commonly identified via the acid-fast staining technique? Mycobacteria
True or False: The fact that bacteria contain a capsule completely ensures their protection against phagocytosis. False
Which of the following structures can be found within the cell envelope? II. Slime layer III. Capsule II and III only
The period required for one bacterium to undergo division to form two bacteria is called generation time.
True or False: Normal microbial flora are composed of the microorganisms found in a particular site in normal healthy individulas at most times. True
Which of the following statements pertain to ethylene oxide (ETO. sterilization? I. Heat sensitive articles can be safely sterilized via ETO. II. Prepackaging and item preparation are necessary before ETO sterilization. IV. Ethylene glycol forms in response to water on items undergoing ETO sterilization.
Which of the following terms represent the specific names of the five kingdoms? II. Protista III. Procaryotae IV. Plantae
Which of the following terms describes bacteria that decolorize and take up safranin? Gram-negative
Which statement best describes pasteurization? Pasteurization kills most vegetative cells.
The description, "a small, unicellular, oval microorganism," refers to what term? Yeast
Which of the following bacteria are described as bacteria that divide along a single plane to their axis and appear in pairs Diplococci
What genus of microorganism does not possess a cell wall? Mycoplasma
During which phase of the bacterial growth cycle does the total mass increase proportionately to the total viable cell number? Logarithmic phase
Which of the following structures are generally present in a typical bacterial cell? I. Cell envelope II. Nuclear membrane IV. Appendages I, III and IV only
Precautions directed toward reducing the risk of exposure to blood-borne pathogens are called: universal precautions.
When does a virion lose its protein coat? Early after penetration
Which of the following statements refer to fungi? I. Hyphae intertwine and produce a mycelium. II. Fungal infections can be acquired via the skin or the airborne route I and II only
Which of the following terms matches the definition, devoid of all living microorganisms? Sterilization
Identify letter B on the bacterial growth curve shown above. Exponential phase
Which statement describes a virion? It contains either DNA or RNA.
Which of the following compounds when absorbed through the skin of premature infants has shown to have toxic effects on the central nervous system Hexachloraphene
Microorganisms causing human disease generally reside in which kingdoms? I. Procaryotae III. Protista IV. Fungi I, III and IV only
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