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Midterm: October 6, 2011

What are the three critical parts of the Exposure trilogy ISO, aperture,shutter speed
what does shutter speed control in the visual quality of your photographs motion
how would you use shutter speed to freeze a subject in motion use a fast shutter speed
how did Harold Edgerton use shutter speed in his photographs he used a fast shutter speed to stop motion
how would you use shutter speed to express motion in an image use a slow shutter speed
what is the fastest shutter speed you can use and hand-hold the camera 30th or 60th
approximately what shutter speed would you use to freeze a landing jet 500th or faster
what kind of compression is a .jpg famous for A Lossy
what is the purpose of .jpg for printing, email, or use on a website
what is one advantage of saving files as a .psd, Photoshop file it retains all your image editing information
what kind of raw file format should you convert all proprietary raw files to DNG digital negative
what is panning using a slow shutter speed, follow a subject with your camera as it moves in front of your lens. Press the shutter release while continuing to move. The image will express motion.
what does DNG stand for a digital negative
Ansel Adams belonged to what group of photographers, known for the clarity of their images f64 group
ISO refers to a film's (what) sensitivity
a word used in film photography to refer to film's ISO film speed
what's one important difference between using the ISO in film photography and digital photography on film the ISO is set for the whole roll. In digital you can change the ISO with every shot
what is the difference in sensitivity between a low ISO and a high ISO number the lower the number the more light needed. the higher less light is needed.
what is one important factors when choosing and ISO for your digital camera the amount of light in the scene
what kind of ISO would you use in an environment with little light a high ISO number
what is the difference in image quality between ISO 100 and ISO 6400 100 has more quality than 6400
what is a histogram a graph that shows the brightness levels of all the pixels in an image
how many tones of B, W, and Gray are represented in an image's histogram 256
give the range of tones represented on an 8 bit histogram 0-155
if a histogram has a mountain peak in the middle of the graph, what would the image look like mostly grays or middle tones. No black or whites
what is clipping when the brightness or darkness levels on a histogram run or the graph
what is the difference, according to Imre, between a good and bad histogram there isn't a good or bad histogram. The graph just shows us where to edit the image.
how many channels, or histograms, does a color image have 3, a red one, green one, and a blue one
what is the purpose of establishing a workflow to keep one organized through the photography process
what two aspects do you need to consider when choosing an ISO number amount of light in the scene and the quality you expect to achieve
what instrument in the camera does the ISO setting control the light meeter
how do you decided whether to begin with your aperture or shutter speed if the subject is in motion, the shutter speed. If it isn't, then begin with aperture
what is shutter speed priority the photography picks the shutter speed and the camera picks the aperture
what does the light meter specifically measure the average light intensity and tonal range in the scene
what is bracketing shooting at the recommended meter reading, then over exposing a stop and underexposing a stop
what 3 factors affect depth of field focal length of the lens, distance to subject, and aperture setting
what illusion creates the impression of depth perspective
what is the keyboard shortcut for undo command z
what easy Photoshop image adjustment will allow you to adjust the shadows, mid tones, or highlights in your image levels
which Photoshop image adjustment allows you to independently, and with great precision, adjust the tones, contrast and colors of your image curves
what is the keyboard shortcut for select all command A
in the rule of thirds, where are the most powerful places to compose a subject at the places where the lines intersect
how can you create an image that embodies a larger than life feeling of superiority shoot from below the subject
what three basic photography elements or principles does photography Taylor Gahm recommend you get really good at to become a successful photography camera settings, lighting and composition
the Magic wand and the Lasso are what kind of tools selection tools
what is the benefit of being able to select an area of your photograph you can edit specific parts of your photography
what is one of Photoshop's most powerful functions the ability to create layers and make selections
what kind of compositional shape does Imre recommend in your compositions triangles
What is the keyboard shortcut to create a quick collection in light room B
what is the keyboard shortcut to deselect Command D
what keyboard shortcut will open your light room image in Photoshop Command E
what is the spot called where the focus is the sharpest point of critical focus
how much light reflects off a gray card 18%
what kind of editing does Adobe Light room perform non-destructive
what is metadata information attached to a file, like a photographer's name, date and image was created, and camera settings
what is meant by the term "Proprietary RAW file" this is a type of RAW file specific to a manufacturer's camera
what does the histogram for a high key photo look like most of its peaks are on the right of the histogram
what does an underexposed image look like it looks dark and murky
what does DSLR stand for Digital Single Lens Reflex
what does J-peg stand for Joint Photography Experts Group
what is a CCD it is the light sensitive chip in a digital camera
What is shutter lag the amount of time it takes the shutter to fire after you push the shutter release
what problem might occur with a lens's auto focus it might not realize what you want it to focus on.
what is the difference in the amount of light from f4 and f 5.6 f4 lets in twice as much light as f5.6
What are the three points of a 3 step critique Positive, question, and suggestion
what is the correct distance for viewing a photograph the distance equal to the largest diagonal
what subjective comment should one never use in a critique I like or I don't like
what is the first thing one should do in the critique process look at the artwork and ask, "what do I see"
what is the Golden Mean or Fibonacci Sequence a spiral shaped visual map for composing an image
where in Photoshop, will you find levels and curves under image > adjustments
which color profile has a larger gamut, sRGB or Adobe RGB 1998 Adobe RGB 1998
what is the prominent color of light in daylight blue
what is white balance setting the camera to compensate for a scene's predominant color of light
what is compositional lead space composing an image so the subject has room in the direction they are looking or traveling
what is the compositional area of the image that is most dangerous the center
a digital photography's image is comprised of what pixels
what is the first step to becoming a better photography wanting to learn
what is one method for improving as a photographer find a teacher, practice shooting, look at lots of photos, critique work and have others look at your work
what makes a photograph great it stops time, it communicates, it makes the viewer feel something
how you arrange the elements in the frame is called the composition
a photography who sees subjects in terms of lights, shadows, and forms is most likely what kind of photographer black and white
what tools are best in the Photoshop for quick and easy "exotic image manipulations" filters
for major retouching alterations, what step is advised for your Photoshop image save as a copy of your original file and work on the copy
what kind of image does sharpening work poorly on one that is out of focus
what is a Photoshop image called that is combined from several sources composite image
what is the main way to make a Photoshop photo-composited image look more believable lighting
where in the Photoshop interface does the book suggest you keep each individual element of a multi-sourced image on a separate layer
name one of two adjustment layers you should add first to your .psd file layers or curves
in LR, which view do you use to examine a single photo Loupe view
which view in LR do you use to assess 2 images, side-by-side compare view
in LR, what is the survey view used for to compare more than two images
what do the sort direction and the sort criteria menu tools in the toolbar do arrange the viewing order of images in the film strip and grid view
one effect way of storing images out of view, within a folder or collection is stacking
what does it mean to "filter" a LR file to sort images based on criteria like its metadata or rating system
what convenience keyboard shortcut will cycle you through the different grid view styles J
what visual aspect of photography affects the feeling or mood of your photographs lighting
how does the quality of direct or hard light affect the contrast It creates High Contrast
If you are making a photo and the shadows on your subject are too dark, what can you do? Use a fill light or bounce card to bring and send light into the shadows
How does diffused light affect color? it mutes the colors, creates low contrast
What does a fill light do? illuminates the shadows
what is a main light? it is the brightest light source in your photographic set-up
What is the benefit of an incandescent lamp? it stays on continuously so you can see how the light falls on your subject
Why do you have to synchronize your strobe with your shutter speed? So the strobe fires when your shutter is open
What is the basic idea behind the Inverse Square Law? The farther your light source from the subject, the less intensity the light
When using a flash, how does shutter speed affect the exposure? It has no affect unless the shutter speed is faster than they synchronization speed
What is the basic element of a digital image? A pixel
As a unit of measure, what is a Bit? the smallest unit of digital information
What is the CMYK mode used for printing with inks
How does the camera relate to human vision in the number of colors it can see? "All digital capture devices are limited when compared to human vision"
The color gamut for a camera or a printer is also called what? color space
What is a color profile used for? To make sure color reproduces accurately on different printers or other digital devices
What are Channels in digital photography? separate information files for each color in a photograph, such as 3 channels for RGB
What is they Bayer Array? A series of RGB color filters that cover a camera's CCD
What is the advantage to editing a 16 bit image? There are 65,536 values in a 16 bit image, so it is much better quality for editing and reproduction
How many values of black and white does an 8 bit image have? 256
In the develop module, what can you use the history panel for? To view a prior stage of editing
What two views can you use the Loup View for? before and after viewing
Clone and heal are what kind of tools? spot removal tools
What is the best way to evaluate the results of a heal operation- and many other image modifications? view image at 100%
Where in the develop module can you see the affects, with great accuracy, any changes you make in exposure and white balance? in the histogram
What tool can you use to calibrate the color of an image using a neutral gray tone? White Balance or temperature slider
What does "noise" refer to in a digital image? randomly exposed pixels due to a sensor's high sensitivity
What is "hue"? The name of a particular color
How can you apply the same color correction to several images in your filmstrip? Select images and synchronize
In all modules you can create an impromptu slide show? How do you do it? Window> impromptu slide show
What is one advantage that digital photography offers over film photography? You can see immediate results. You can edit photos quickly and easily. Files are easy to send.
What is the difference between a digital zoom and optical zoom? An optical zoom uses the camera's lens elements, using the entire CCD's quality. Digital Zoom lowers the quality of the image because it crops in on the CCD, discarding information
What is aperture priority? The photographer sets the aperture and the camera picks the shutter speed
what does the aperture mechanically do in the camera? It opens and closes to regulate how much light comes in the camera
What is depth of field? The area of acceptable focus in an image
How does a small aperture number setting, like 2.8, affect the depth of field? It creates a very narrow depth of field
Where are digital files stored in your camera? on your memory card
What does reformatting do? Erases the directory on your memory card. Any files on the card are still there, but you can't see them.
What is the first setting you should address on your camera? quality
Why shouldn't you shoot your images in the jpg. format? The camera compresses the image, discarding a lot of information and image quality you might want to retain for editing
What are the numerical aperture increments called? f-stops
What is the relative size of the f-32 aperture opening? small
What is the difference in the quantity of light from one aperture setting to another? It is a factor of 2. it is either twice as much light or half as much light
What aperture setting is good for portraits? 5.6 or 8
How do you know which aperture setting to choose? It depends on how much you want in focus.
Where does the eye naturally go when looking at a photograph? To what is the sharpest in the image
Where should a photographer focus when shooting a portrait? the eyes of the subject
give one benefit of shooting in the RAW format. RAW files contain the highest degree of quality your camera can produce. RAW files are the best format for editing.
Why shouldn't you use large capacity memory cards? If they become corrupt, stop working, or you loose them you will loose a lot of information at one time
What is a color profile? it is the number of colors, your camera is set to capture
What is a color gamut? A specified range of colors
Chris Orwig says that "at its core Lightroom" helps photographers in what way? its about creating compelling photographs, its about photography. It is about the art and craft of photography. It is a tool designed to help photographers more effect, more efficient and ultimately more creative
What is one way Lightroom help professional photographers? To organize, process, and output photographs
Lightroom is comprised of components called: Modules
Where, in Lightroom, does all the organizing of your photographic files take place? Library module
Where are your images developed and edited? Where does the art and craft of photography to bring your images to life? Develop Module
Where can you put your images together to create a movie? Slideshow Module
Where can a photographer create an image gallery and upload it on the internet? web module
Where is the film strip in the Lightroom interface? at the bottom of the interface
How do you open and close a panel in the Lightroom interface? click on its name or the little triangle
When you are in Lightroom and you push the keyboard shortcut "d", where will it take you? Develop module
What are the three primary colors of filters covering the sites on the image sensor? RGB red, green, and blue
Light enters the DSLR lens and falls on the CMOS sensor (CCD) and is converted to what? energy
What kind of environment is required to create a sensor for the DSLR? Dust free and clean
In what way does the shutter control light as it enters the camera? it controls HOW LONG light enters the camera
Early cameras, the size of rooms, where used by artists and called what? Camera obscuras
When you see a shutter speed number represented with quotation marks, what does it mean? whole seconds
What does the shutter speed B stand for? Bulb
How does the bulb shutter speed function on a camera? It allows the photographer to hold the shutter open as long as they want
What is the difference in the amount of light that comes through the shutter from one "stop" to the next. Like, from 1/125th to 1/250th of a second? It is a factor of 2. 1/125th lets in half as much light as 1/250th
Created by: kslack1080
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