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Leach Soc Chapter 7

Leach Sociology Terms Chapter 7

life structure combination of statuses, roles, actiities, goals, values, beliefs, and life circimstances that characterize an individual
novice phase term proposed by Daniel Levinson and his colleagues for the first three stages of the early adulthood era
mentor someone who fosters an individual's development by believing in the person, sharing the person's dreams, and helping the person achieve those dreams
labor force all individuals 16 and older who are employed in paid positions or who are seeking paid employment
profession high-status occupation that requires specialized skills obtained through formal education
unemployment situation that occurs when people do not have jobs but are actively seeking employment
unemployment rate percentage of the civilian labor force that is unemployed but actively seeking employment
gerontology scientific study of the processes and phenomena of aging
social gerontology subfield of gerontology that studies the nonphysical aspects of aging
Alzheimer’s disease organic condition that results in the progressive destruction of brain cells
dependency shift from being an independent adult to being dependent on others for physical or financial assistance
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