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Res 200 unit 5 exam

Which of the following proteins are soluble in water? III and IV only • III.Albumins •IV.Globulins
Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a strong acid because it is ______________________. highly ionized
Blood pH ______ can be referred to as __________. below 7.35, acidosis
Using the overall pH scale determine those solutions below having a basic pH. I, II and III only •I. 7.56 •II. 7.59 •III. 8.00
Select the statements below that illustrate differences between unsaturated fatty acids and saturated fatty acids? II.Unsaturated fatty acids contain one or more carbon-to-carbon double bonds, while saturated fatty acids contain no doublebonds III.Saturated fatty acids contain alkane hydrocarbon chains,unsaturated fatty acids contain alkene hydrocarbons chains.
Acids ____________ protons donate
Select the statements below that best describe the alkanes. I.They are unsaturated hydrocarbons II. They contain at least one double bond III. They contain at least one triple bond IV.They are neither straight nor branched-chained hydrocarbons None of the above
Compounds having the same molecular formulas but different structural formulas are referred to as ______________________. isomer
The only difference between glucose and fructose is the position of the -OH group on the 4th carbon. False
Which of the following are strong acids? I and II only •I. Hydrochloric acid (HCl) •II. Sulfuric acid (H2SO4)
Strong acids are _____________. nearly 100% ionized
A blood pH of less than 7.35 ______________, while a blood pH greater than 7.45 _________________. indicates acidosis, indicates alkalosis
The equation "Protein + H2O → Amino Acids" best represents which process? Hydrolysis
Which equation below can be used for determining the pH of a solution? pH = -log[H3O+]
The essential amino acids _________________. II, III, and IV only • II. must be included as part of the human diet •III. cannot be manufactured by the body •IV. in the appropriate amount make up a complete protein
An inactive form of an enzyme is called a/an __________________. zymogen
Carboxylic acids present in lipids are also referred to as ___________________. fatty acids
If there is a decrease of CO2 in the blood, the brain will instruct the lungs to -_____________________. slow the rate or depth of breathing
When blood CO2 levels increase, the kidneys respond by _____________ and ___________________. removing H+ via the urine and returning HCO3- to the blood
Bases ____________ protons accept
Which equation below is an example of neutralization? Ca(OH)2 + H2CO3→CaCO3 + 2 H2O
What statement below "best" describes the double arrows in a chemical reaction? The reaction is reversible
The figure above represents which structure? Triglyceride
Which structure is the basis of the saponfiable lipids? Esters
What is responsible for glucose's increased solubility in water? A Polar −OH group
Created by: Cam1228
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