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RES 200 unit 2 exam

RES 200 unit 2

Subtract the following: 8 - (-34) 42
An order has been written to administer 5mg of Proventil via aerosol. The amount on hand is 0.5%. How many milliliters of drug solution should be delivered? 1.0 ml
Ten patients were weighed and the following weights were reported in pounds: 140, 170, 162, 170, 200, 194, 170, 182, 156, and 206 Find the mean, median and mode. Mean 175, Median 170, Mode 170
If the mean arterial pressure (MAP) is 110 mmHg and the systolic pressure is 150 mmHg, what is "d" the diastolic pressure? (Express your answer in mmHg) 90 mmHg
Evaluate the following expression when "a" = 3, "b" = -5, "c" = -1, "x" = 4 and "y" = -7 Use the correct order of operations x - y - 2b None of the above
Twice the sum of 10 and an unknown number is equal to 50. What is the unknown number? 15
Select the proper sequence of events for the "Order of Operations" below: III, II, IV and I • III. Perform all operations inside parenthesis and grouping symbols•II. Evaluate exponents •IV.Perform all multiplication from left to right.• I. Perform all addition and subtraction from left to right
What is a patient's PAO2 based on the following values using the Alveolar Air Equation: PB = 760 mmHg PH20 = 47 mmHg FIO2 = 0.30 PaCO2 = 60 mmHg PAO2 = FIO2 (PB - PH20) - PaCO2(1.25) 139 mmHg
Find the Fahrenheit (F) temperature given a Celsius temperature of 200oC: C = 5/9 (F - 32) 392oF
Evaluate the following expression when: "a" = 3, "b" = 5, "c" = -1, "x" = 4 and "y" = -7 Use the correct order of operations a2 - 2ab + b2 = 4
Translate the following into an algebraic expression: Six less than B B - 6
Translate the following into an algebraic expression: Subtract B from the product of C and D CD - B
Find the total number of patient breaths per minute for the following: 10 breaths per 20 seconds 30 bpm
Divide the following: -121 / -11 11
How many milligrams of medication "X" are in 6 ml of a 5 % solution? 300 mg
Remove the parentheses and simplify the following expression: 8 - 2(a - b) 8 -2a + 2b
According to the graph below in which 3 months were the most small volume nebulizer (SVN) treatments given and in which 3 months were the lowest number of treatments given? III and IV only •III. December, January and February •IV. March, April, and December
Simplify the following: 5 - (-8) +53 - 2 64
A solution must be mixed 12 parts concentrate to 8 parts water. How much water is needed if 6 parts concentrate are to be used? 4 parts
Combine like terms and simplify the following: 9x + 14x -28x = -5x
Solve for "x" in the following equation: 6 (4 - 2x) = -6x x = 4
Evaluate the following expression when "a" = 3, "b" = -5, "c" = -1, "x" = 4 and "y" = -7 Use the correct order of operations 4 + a(x + y) = -5
What is the alveolar volume (Va. given the following patient data: VD = 180 ml VT = 600 ml (Express your answer in ml) 420 ml
Combine like terms and simplify the following: 5a - 4 + 3b - 3 5a + 3b -7
Add the following: 4 + (-21) -17
Evaluate the following problem using the correct order of operations: (3 + 6)2 / (6 - 15 + 36) 3
If p / q = r / s then ps = qr
Remove the parentheses and simplify the following expression: (3 + a) - 3(a - b) 3 - 2a + 3b
Multiply the following: (-32)(-7) 224
Created by: Cam1228
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