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Res 200 unit 1

The trachea is approximately10 to 12 centimeters in length. When it reaches the center of the chest, it divides (or bifurcates) into two bronchi (bronchus, singular); the right mainstem bronchus, which is approximately 2.5 centimeters long, and the left m I and III only I. Trachea 4 to 5 inches III. Left mainstem bronchus 2 inches
Rational numbers and fractions are considered the same thing. True
A respiratory therapist worked 42 1/2 hours over a 5-day period. She worked the same number of hours each day. How many hours a day did she work? Express / simplify your answer as a mixed or whole number. 8 1/2 hours
Multiply the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 7/8 x 2/5 = __________ 7/20
A low sodium, low fat diet was ordered for a patient diagnosed with congestive heart failure. The patient weighed 217 3/4 pounds 2 1/2 months ago but now weighs 195 1/2 pounds. What is the total weight loss for this patient? 22 1/4 pounds
Subtract the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 2/3 - 3/5 = _________ 1/15
The term "solvent" best describes which of the following: The liquid that dissolves the solute.
Patient "A" has a 2 seconds I (inspiratory) time and a 1 second E (expiratory) time. What is the I:E Ratio for this patient? Is this ratio considered to be normal. 2:1 It is not a normal I:E Ratio
Rewrite the following fraction in lowest terms: 68/88 17/22
A dose of Vaponefrin for inhalation contains 1/2 milliliter (ml). How many milliliters are there in 7 1/3 doses? 3 2/3 ml
Rewrite the following fraction as a higher equivalent fraction: 7/8 = ? / 200 175
Estimate the answer for the following problem: 18.10 + 6.14 + 10.76 =? 35
Multiply the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 3/17 x 7/9 =________ 7/51
Find the reciprocal of the following number: 6/5 5/6
Respectively express each of the following with a positive exponent: 7-3 and 10-8 1/73 and 1/108
Add the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 7/8 + 1/8 = _______ 1
The annual salary for each respiratory therapist in a department is $36,662.20. If there are 15 therapists, what is the total salary for the RT department? $549, 933.00
Created by: Cam1228