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Chapter 9 rad scien

Chapter Radiologic Sciences

List the characteristics of Man-made radiation Travels at the speed of light, electromagnetic radiation, deposits energy randomly
List the radiation quantities and units of measurement. Also list the definition and the SI unit for each Roentgen Coulomb/Kilogram measure of ionization in air Rad Gray absorbed dose (by patient) Rem Sievert Radiation eqivalent man (tech Curie Bacquerel (Radiation in air)
What three things must you have in order for x-ray production to occur? 1. Source of electrons (mA) 2. force of electrons (KVP) 3. Anode (something to stop the electrons) These must occur in a vaccum
What three possibilities can occur once the x-ray tube and interacts with matter? 1. Change in direction (scatter) 2. Absorbed 3. Pass through with out any interferance
Explain the 5 types of x-ray interactions with matter 1. Coherent- < 10 K inter with the all atom absorbed takes in no energy 2. Compton - x ray range keeps 2/3 of energy 3. Photo elec - ion pair. Cascade effect. 4. pair prod - 1.02 mev positron and negatron 5. photodis - 10 mev inter w nu nu fragm
Which x ray interactions are within diag. range? Coherent, Compton and Photo electric
Which x ray inter actions are of most importance to diagnostic x ray? Compton and Photo electric
Which one of the interactions constitutes the greatest hazard to the patient? Photo electric
Which one of the interactions constitutes the greatest hazard to the technologist? Compton
Describe a nucleus Only place that has DNA in the cell
Describe the cell membrane semi permeable selective of what it lets in
What do Ribosomes do? Protein synthesis
What does the Endoplasmic Reticulum do? Takes information that RNA gets from the DNA and takes it to the rest of the cell
What does the Nucleolus store? RNA
What do the mitochondria do? They are the engines of the cell
What is the function of the Lysosomes? Garbage disposals
What takes place in the cytoplasm? All metabolic activities
What are the two major structures of the cells? 1. Nucleus 2. Cytoplasm
What are the two classifications of cells with in the body? How do they reproduce? How many chromsomes do they each contain? Somatic- Mitosis. All cells except germ cells. Diploid number. 46 chromosomes 2. Germ - Meiosis. sex cells 23 chromosomes haploid.
Define the law of Bergonie and Tribondeau Intensity of maturity plays functional role the less mature and specialized the more radio sensitive the less mature and specialized the more radio sensitive
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