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Pharmacy History

Father of medicine Hippocrates
Father of American pharmacy William Procter, Jr.
First female pharmacist Elizabeth Marshall
Founded America's first colonial hospital Ben Franklin
Father of modern genetics Gregor Mendel
Father of botany Theophrastus
The first textbook of drug standards Pharmacopoeia
The first trademark Terra Sigilata
Pedanios Dioscorides Wrote the De Materia Medica
Developed poisons, poison preventatives and their treatments Mithridates VI
Charaka Samhita 2000+ drugs, written in 1000 BC
Rx Abbreviation for latin word "recipere" or "recipe."
Ancient greek word meaning pharmacy Pharmakon
Earliest known record of apothecary Babylon
Pen T-Sao 365 drugs, written in 2000 BC
Papyrus Ebers 800 prescriptions that specifically mentions 700 unique drugs, written in 1500 BC
Separated the practices of pharmacy and medicine Fredrick II
Began selling medicine in 1640 John Winthrop
The first pharmacists in Egypt were called this Chiefs of Fabrication
The first pharmacy technicians in Egypt were called this Echelons
America's first apothecary general & developed an early pharmaceutical wholesaling/manufacturing business Andrew Craigie
America's first educational institution for pharmacy, founded in 1821 Philidelphia College of Pharmacy
Founded by William Procter, Jr., Daniel B. Smith and 20 delegates from the Philidelphia College of Pharmacy in October of 1852 APhA (American Pharmaceutical Association)
When the federal government began to regulate the practice of pharmacy Early 1900's
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