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Chapter 1-3 POS


what is caliber tool used for measurement
what is cephalic toward the head
what is caudad toward the feet
what is the 5 degree rule? for every 5 inches you decrease the SID by one
what is the formula to find SID? SOD+OID=SID
for a lateral you always do anterior side T or F true
Quantum model is a quantum model is a grainy X-Ray photo, you would use for mAs to fix the problem.
where do bones grow from? epiphyseal plate
If you can see trabeculae on the bones you got good detail T or F? True
How long does it usually take for fracture to heal? 6-8 weeks
What type of joint is a interphalangeal hinge
what type of joint is a metacarpophalangeal ellipsoidal
what type of joint is a carpometacarpal first digit joint saddle
what type of joint is the second to 5th digits? gliding
what type of joint is a intercarpal gliding
what type of joint is a radiocarpal ellipsoidal
what type of joint is a proximal and distal pivot
what type of joint is a humeroulnar and humeroradial hinge
what are the 3 types of fibrous joints syndesmosis, suture, gomphosis
what are the 2 types of cartilaginous joints symphysis, synchondrosis
what are the 6 types of synovial joints gliding hinge, pivot, ellipsoid, and saddle, and ball and socket
what is a type of flat bone sternum
what is a type of short bone carpal
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