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Tour guide today...

Definitions for Descriptive Words

Hard to understand Abstruse
Capable of living or operating on land and water Amphibious
Sharing the same center Concentric
Standing out or above others in quality or position Eminent
Unintentional or accidental Inadvertent
dull, unexciting, or bland Insipid
barely adequate Marginal
Having to do with navigation or commerce at sea Maritime
Having to do with sailors, ships, or navigating Nautical
awe-inspiring; unusually impressive or large Prodigious
unruly; resisting authority Refractory
Overly sweet or agreeable Saccharine
Concerning the senses or sensations Sensory
bare; harsh; blunt Stark
coming after in time, order, or place Subsequent
Taking a superior attitude; haughty Supercilious
Unspoken; implied but not expressed Tacit
Concerning or caused by heat Thermal
Beyond the material world Transcendent
Experiencing indirectly through another Vicarious
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