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Ress 200

True or False  Rational numbers and fractions are not considered the same thing. False p 193
In order to arrive at +1 on the number line below you must move ______________. 2 places in the negative direction page 193
Rewrite the following fraction as a higher equivalent fraction: 4/5 = ? / 180 144 pages 196 & 197
Add the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 72/96 + 2/16 = _______ 7/8 pages 199 & 200
Subtract the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 4/6 – 6/10 = _________ 1/15 pages 199
Multiply the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 16/24 x 4/10 = __________ 4/15 page 200
Find the reciprocal of the following number: –8/7  ? / ? -7/8 page 200
Divide the following fractions and simplify if necessary: 42/59  42/59 1 page 200
A dose of Vaponefrin for inhalation contains 1/4 milliliter (ml). How many milliliters are there in 6 doses? 1 1/2 ml page 200
A patient weighed 210 1/4 pounds 6 months ago but now weighs 170 3/4 pounds. What is the total weight loss for this patient? Express / simplify your answer as a mixed or whole number. 39 1/2 pounds pages 199 & 200
A nurse worked 36 1/4 hours over a 5-day period. She worked the same number of hours each day. How many hours a day did she work? Express / simplify your answer as a mixed or whole number. 7 1/4 hours page 200
Select the decimal amounts below that respectively represent the following percentages:75%, 30%, and 85.5% 0.75, 0.30, and 0.855 page 208
The term “solute” best describes which of the following: The part dissolved into a liquid page 211
Select the answer choice below that represents the following ratios in the most simplified form:50:25, 60:40, 14:6 2:1, 3:2, 7:3 page 210
A patient receiving mechanical ventilation has an inspiratory time (I time) of 1.50 seconds and an expiratory time (E time) of 3.00 seconds. First what is the patient’s I:E Ratio? Is this anormal I:E Ratio? 1:2, Yes pages 210 & 213
Drug “Y” comes in concentrations ranging of 0.010%. Express this as a common fraction and as a decimal numeral. 1/10,000 and 0.00010 pages 207 & 208
Respectively express each of the following with a positive exponent: 8-7 and 10-4 1/87 and 1/104 page 216
Respectively select the proper scientific notation format for the following numbers: 10, 000 and 0.000085 1.0 x 104 and 8.5 x 10-5 page 216 & 217
If light travels at 186,000 miles per second. How far does it travel in 30 seconds? Note: Your answer must be expressed in proper scientific notation. 5.58 x 106 mi page 216 & 217
Select the proper sequence of events for the “Order of Operations” below: III, II, IV and I Perform all operations inside parenthesis and grouping symbols,Evaluate exponents,Perform all multiplication from left to right,Perform all addition and subtraction from left to right.pages 228, 229 & 230
Simplify the following: 10 – (-6) +42 – 4 54 pages 232 & 233
Evaluate the following problem using the correct order of operations: (7 + 8)3 / (9 – 14) + 50 -625 page 236
Evaluate the following expression when “a” = 2, “b” = 5, “c” = -3, “x” = 9 and “y” = -6 Use the correct order of operations b2 + a(x + y) = 31 page 237
Combine like terms and simplify the following: 7a – 8 + 6a – 4 13a -12 page 239
Remove the parentheses and simplify the following expression: (6 + x) – 6(x – y) 6 - 5x + 6y pages 239 & 240
Translate the following into an algebraic expression:The sum of a and b divided by 30 a + b / 30 page 240
What is a patient’s PAO2 based on the following values using the Alveolar Air Equation:PB = 755 mmHg PH20 = 47 mmHg FIO2 = 0.30 PaCO2 = 60 mmHg PAO2 = FIO2 (PB - PH20) – PaCO2 (1.25) 75 mmHg pages 228 (Order of Operations), 236 & 237
Select the answer choice below that is a solution for the following equation: 2[3 – 4(5 – c)] = 2(3c – 11) c = 6 page 255
Find the total number of patient breaths per minute for the following:5 breaths per 15 seconds 20 bpm pages 265 – 266
If the mean arterial pressure (MAP) is 90 mmHg and the systolic pressure is 120 mmHg, what is “d” the diastolic pressure? (Express your answer in mmHg) MAP = (2 x diastolic) + systolic/3 75 mmHg page 276
What is the alveolar volume (VA) given the following patient data: VD = 140 ml, VT = 500 ml (Express your answer in ml) VT = VD + VA 360 ml page 250
Find the Fahrenheit (F) temperature given a Celsius temperature of 150 0C: C = 5/9 (F – 32) C = 5/9 (F – 32)302oF page 263
Eight times the sum of 40 and an unknown number is equal to 200. What is the unknown number? -15 page 263-264
An order has been written to administer 4 mg of “Drug X” via aerosol. The amount on hand is 0.4%. How many milliliters of drug solution should be delivered? 1.0 ml page 269
How many milligrams of medication “A” are in 6 ml of a 5 % solution? 300 mg pages 267-269
Seven patients were weighed and the following weights were reported in pounds: 130, 160,165, 160, 155, 190, and 160 Find the mean, median and mode. Mean 160, Median 160, Mode 160 pages 274-278
What is the acceleration of an object that starts from rest and has a final speed after 5 seconds of 60 feet per second? 12 ft / sec2 Page 297
What is the formula that describes the “average speed” of an object? s = d/t Page 296
A 50 Newton force is acting on an object with a mass of 100 kilograms. What is the acceleration of the object? 0.5 m/s2 Page 302
What force would be required to produce an acceleration of 6 m/s2 for an object with a mass of 10 kg? 60 newtons Page 302
What statement is used to describe Newton’s Third Law? For every force object “A” exerts on “B”, “B” exerts an equal and opposite force on “A” Page 304
State the formula for work. w = f x d Page 306
Power can be described as: I, III and V only The work done in a given amount of time,p = w / t,P = (f)(d) / t,Page 306
800 ft-lb / sec of power is required to lift a 400 pound weight 10 feet off the floor is. What is the time required to complete this lift? 5 seconds Page 306
Kinetic energy can be described as: II and VI only KE = ½ mv2,Energy of motion,Page 312
The formula for Newton’s Second Law can be written as ______________. F = ma Page 302
What happens to an object’s potential energy as it falls towards the ground? The object’s potential energy decreases, changing into kinetic energy Pages 312-313
The ratio of the mass of a substance to its volume describes _______________. Density Page 314
The density of an object is 6.0 g/cm3. If the object has a volume of 60 cm3, what is its mass? 360 g Page 314
Describe the effect of pulmonary surfactant on alveolar surface tension? It decreases surface tension and reduces the amount of pressure necessary to keep alveoli open at end exhalation Page 320
A closed container has a gas volume of 8.00 liters at a pressure of 1000 mmHg. Assuming a constant temperature and mass of the gas, what will happen to the gas volume if the pressure in the container is increased to 2000 mmHg? (tem const the gas is dry) It will increase to 8.0 liters Pages 331-332
The beginning gas volume is 4.0L and the temperature of the gas is 40o C. What is the new volume if the temperature increases to 80o C? (Don’t forget to convert all Celsius temperatures to Kelvin before attempting this problem) 4.51 liters Pages 334-335
A gas has an absolute humidity of 15 mg/L. The temperature of the gas is 37o C and the maximum water vapor content at this temperature is 43.8 mg/L. Based on this information, what is the relative humidity (RH)? 34% Page 340
True or False: The acronym used to describe a gas at barometric pressure and body temperature (37o C) that is saturated with water vapor is ATPS False Page 341
Approximately how many mmHg are there in 30 psi? (Note: 760 mmHg and 14.7 psi are equivalent units for standard atmospheric pressure at sea level.) 76 mmHg Page 341
The amount of gas entering a physical solution in a liquid is directly proportional to the partial pressure of the gas above the surface of the liquid” best describes which law ________________ Henry’s Law Page 344
What is the frequency of the object if it produces 4800 vibrations in 4 minutes? 20 Hz Page 349
True or False: Letter “B” above represents the “wavelength” False Page 349
True or False: The reason sound cannot travel through a vacuum is because sound isn’t compressed or rarefied in a vacuum. True Page 350
Decreased breath sounds in emphysema are mainly caused because ________________. air does not transmit sound as well as fluid or solid substances.Page 352
True or False: Air on an x-ray shows up as being radio-lucent / black, while bone shows up as being radio-opaque / white. True Page 355
True or False: The “positioning” method that describes the path of an x-ray beam that first travels through the back and then the front of a patient before reaching the x-ray film is referred to as an AP or anterior-posterior view. False Page 355
The atomic number represents _________________________. the sum total of the number of protons in the atom’s nucleus Page 368
A compound can be described as __________________________ two or more elements joined together by a chemical bond Page 366
The isotope hydrogen-3 more commonly known as tritium has how many protons, electrons and neutrons? One proton, two neutrons and one electron Pages 368 (Fig 25-4)
The mass number of an atom can be described as _____________________. the sum of the protons and neutrons in the nucleus.Page 369
Which element has the following electron configuration? Energy Level 1 Energy Level 2 Energy Level 3 2 8 7 Cl Page 366 (Fig 25-1) and pages 370-372
In order to complete an octet in their outermost energy level when forming a chemical bond, atoms will _____________________. I, II, and IV only gain electrons,lose electrons,share electrons.Page 372
True or False: The octet rule for the following fluorine molecule is complete: True Page 386
Determine the compound formed when bonding occurs between the following atoms? (Step 1) 11 protons 2) 8) 1) + 7) 8) 2) 17protons  (Step 2) 11 protons 2) 8) 1)  7) 8) 2) 17protons  (Step 3) [11 protons 2) 8) ]+ + [ 8) 8) 2) 17protons ]- NaCl Page 366 (Fig 25-1) & page 381 (Fig. 26-1)
What is the empirical formula for magnesium sulfide? MgS Pages 384-385
True or False: The sharing of electrons between atoms describes ionic bonding. False Page 386
True or False: It can be stated that during covalent bonding the bond that is formed results from the formation of oppositely charged ions. False Page Page 386
Select the correct name for FeSO4: Iron (II) sulfate Page 398
Balance the following equation: BF3 + H2O  B2O3 + HF 2BF3 + 3H2O  B2O3 + 6HF Pages 401-402
If you have 12.04 x 1023 molecules of a substance, how many moles would you have? (Note: 1 mole of a substance is equivalent to 6.02 x 1023 molecules) 2.00 moles Pages 399-400
Cite the factors that can influence the rate of a chemical reaction? Concentration of reactants,Temperature Enzymes,Catalysts Pages 403-404
True or False: “Bases” donate protons. False Page 410
True or False; Strong acids are only 50% ionized. False Page 412
Using the overall pH scale determine which of the following solutions have an acidic pH. I, III, and IV only 6.25,7.68,3.36 Pages 412-413
Which of the following are strong acids? I and III only Sulfuric acid (H2SO4),Hydrochloric acid (HCl)Page 412
Blood pH ______ can be referred to as __________. above 7.45, alkalosis Page 413
True or False: Sulfuric acid (H2SO4) is a strong acid because it is highly ionized True Page 412
Select the reaction below that illustrates the lungs and kidney’s capacity to remove excess hydrogen ions (H+) from the body: H+ + HCO3-  H2CO3  CO2 + H2O Page 415
True or False: Acids accept protons. False Page 410
True or False: If there is a decrease of CO2 in the blood, the brain will instruct the lungs to slow the rate or depth of breathing True Page 416
When blood CO2 levels increase, the kidneys respond by _____________ and ___________________. removing H+ via the urine and returning HCO3 - to the blood Page 416
Select the statements below that best describe the alkanes. I and IV only They are considered saturated hydrocarbons,There are straight or branched-chained hydrocarbons Page 422
A chained hydrocarbon whose structural formula differs from its molecular formula is referred to as a/an _________________. isomer Page 421
True or False: The essential amino acids are readily manufactured by the body. False Page 436
True or False: As a substrate binds to the enzyme, the shape of the enzyme site changes to accommodate the substrate. This best describes the “Induced Fit Theory” True Page 442
Water makes up ________% of the bacterial cytoplasm. 80 Page 453
Which of the following forms can be found within the cell envelope of a bacterium? II and III only Slime layer,Capsule Page 450
Which of the following statements are true concerning steam autoclaving? I, II and IV only It is not suitable for all contaminated articles.The mode of action is protein denaturation.Precise packaging and labeling are required.Pages 460-461
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