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social studies1 9-29

Social studies chapter 1

Geography helps us understand what? The past, the USA, and what a place is like
A steep-sided area rising above the land A plateau
Water is what kind of resource? Natural, flow, and renewable
What types of resources are needed to turn natural resources into things we use? Capitol and human resources
Conservation means what. Using our natural resources wisely
Regions are grouped by what 5 things? Location, Climate, activities, cultures, or resources.
Geography affects what? how people work and what they do for fun
San diego grew because of what It's big harbor was good for shipping
What is climate affected by? Landforms and distance from the equator
The Appalachian mountains are east of what? The Mississippi river
Trees are what type of resource Renewable
Define scarcity When many people something that thee is not a lot of
Where is the dairy belt located/ the midwest and northeast regions.
Farmers in the south specialize in growing what? Cotten
People choose to live in places where they like the what? Environment
What is the result of natural forces changing the land? The Grand Canyon
What can change the land? Human activities
Which direction from the Grand canyon would you travel to get to the Appalachian mountains? East
Created by: busterbrown1040