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Vocab Blue Unit 4

Vocab Blue 5th Grade Unit 4

associate (v) to join or be together as partners, allies, or friends; to link in one's mind, connect (n) a partner, friend (adj) having less than full rank (v) to unite, mingle, combine, mix, relate; (n) a companion, teammate, coworker; (adj) assistant (v) to separate, distance, divorce (n) an enemy, foe, rival, stranger
deceive (v) to trick or lead a person into believing something that is not true to fool, swindle, mislead, double-cross, cheat
emigrate (v) to leave one's home country or area to live in another to relocate, resettle, move, migrate
flexible (adj) able to bend without breaking; able to change or to take in new ideas bendable, limber, elastic, springy; adaptable, adjustable stiff, rigid, unbendable; inflexible
glamour (n) mysterious charm, beauty, or attractiveness style, sparkle, magic, enchantment, romance, fascination
hazy (adj) unclear, misty; not readily seen or understandable cloudy, smoggy, foggy, blurry, dim; vague bright, clear; precise
linger (v) to stay longer than expected, be slow in leaving; to go slowly or take one's time to delay, stall, remain, stay, lag, persist; to dawdle to hurry, rush, charge, hasten
luxurious (adj) providing ease and comfort far beyond what is ordinary or necessary rich, elegant, pleasurable, lavish, extravagant, fancy poor, plain, simple, modest
mishap (n) an unfortunate but minor accident a misfortune, mistake, blunder, slip-up
overwhelm (v) to overcome by superior force, crush; to affect so deeply as to make helpless to overpower, destroy, crush; to stun, shock, stagger, astound
span (n) the full reach or length, especially between two points in space or time (v) to stretch or reach across (n) extent, distance, length, scope, period; (v) to bridge, cross, last
aggressive (adj) quick to fight or quarrel, tending to violence; bold and forceful, determined violent, warlike; pushy, vigorous peaceful, timid; shy, bashful, retiring
Created by: LearningCoach