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Vocab Blue Unit 3

Vocab Blue 5th Grade Unit 3

consist (v) (used with 'of') to be made up of to contain, include, involve, comprise
despise (v) to look down on intensely or feel contempt for, dislike strongly to hate, scorn, detest, loathe to love, admire, esteem, adore, praise
haven (n) a safe place a harbor, port, refuge, retreat, shelter, sanctuary a trap, snare, ambush
miniature (n) a very small copy, model, or painting (adj) on a very small scale (adj) little, tiny, minute (adj) huge, giant
monarch (n) a person who rules over a kingdom or empire a ruler, king, queen, emperor, empress, czar, sovereign a subject, follower, commoner
obstacle (n) something that gets in the way a hurdle, barrier, snag, hindrance an aid, help, support, advantage
postpone (v) to put off until later to delay, suspend, shelve, defer to advance, move up
straggle (v) to stray off or trail behind; to spread out in a scattered fashion to ramble, drift, wander, roam, rove, detour
treacherous (adj) likely to betray; seemingly safe but actually dangerous disloyal, untrustworthy, unreliable; chancy, deceptive, tricky, hazardous faithful, trustworthy; safe, harmless
vivid (adj) bright and sharp, giving a clear picture; full of life lively, intense, brilliant, dazzling, spirited, clear lifeless, dull, drab, hazy, foggy
bluff (adj) direct and outspoken in a good-natured way (n) a steep, high cliff or bank; an attempt to fool someone (v) to deceive or trick; to try to fool others by putting on a confident front (adj) hearty; (n) a ridge; a trick, hoax (v) to mislead, pretend, fake (adj) insincere, artful, sly
cautious (adj) avoiding unnecessary risks or mistakes careful, watchful, wary, guarded daring, reckless, wild
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