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Vocab Blue Unit 2

Vocab Blue 5th Grade Unit 2

abandon (v) to give up on completely; to leave with no intention of returning to desert, forsake, cease, surrender to continue, stay, remain, occupy
assault (n) a violent attack (v) to attack violently or suddenly (n) an invasion, raid, mugging, beating; (v)to besiege, storm (v) to protect, defend, resist
convert (n) to change from one form to another (v) a person who has changed from one opinion, belief, or religion to another (v) to transform, turn, alter, switch (v) to maintain, conserve, remain
dispute (v) to argue, debate, quarrel over (n) an argument, quarrel, debate (v) to differ, disagree; contest, challenge (n) a conflict, disagreement, controversy (v)to agree, harmonize (n) an agreement, understanding, accord
impressive (adj) having a strong effect, commanding attention memorable, striking, stirring, thrilling, awesome, splendid inferior, mediocre
justify (v) to show to be fair or right; to give good reasons for to defend, explain, support, excuse to convict, blame, accuse
misleading (adj) tending to give a wrong idea, often on purpose deceptive, false, tricky, inaccurate direct, honest, true, accurate, straightforward
numerous (adj) many or very many several, plenty, plentiful few
productive (adj) making or capable of making large amounts of; giving good results energetic, effective, fruitful, efficient, worthwhile unproductive, idle, useless, inactive
shrewd (adj) showing clever judgement and practical understanding artful, wise, sharp, crafty, wily, cunning slow, stupid, dull-witted
strategy (n) a carefully made plan of plot; a plan of military operations an approach, design, method, scheme
villain (n) an evil or wicked person of character, especially in a story or play a scoundrel, rascal, outlaw, criminal a hero, heroine, champion
Created by: LearningCoach
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