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ALSA judging/scoring

Handler error tight lead
Handler error short lead
Handler error dangling end of lead
Handler error pack - halter tight
Handler error lack of rapport
Handler error lack of flow
Minor faults touching obstacle
Minor faults too wide turns
Minor faults too tight turns
Minor faults slow response to handler request
Minor faults llama not paying attention
Minor faults bad disposition
Minor faults unwillingness of llama
Minor faults nervousness, agitation, fearfulness
Minor faults poor jumping form
Minor faults pack - improper placement of pack or filling out of pannier
Minor faults pack - improper cinching
Minor faults dangling straps below knee of animal
Minor faults pack - spooking during saddling or unsaddling
Minor faults llama persistently out in front of handler!
Minor faults too slow of pace through course
Minor faults moderate safety hazard, i.e. reaching under llama to pick up foot
Major faults Knocking down poles, jumps or other obstacle parts
Major faults Stepping out of obstacle confinement
Major faults extreme irritation, spooking or nervousness
Major faults not accepting pack
Major faults pack - excessive shifing or bouncing of pack
Major faults rushing out ahead of handler on exiting or entering an obstacle
Major faults failure to execute a complete stop
Major faults improper or unsafe knots when tying lead
Major faults major safety hazard (standing in space where llama jumps out of trailer, OR wrapping lead around hand)
Major faults pack- loosening front cinch before back cinch
Major faults pack - fastening ANY strap before front cinch
Major faults taking the obstacle backwards
Major faults taking multiple jumps in the wrong order
Major faults going in or out of the wrong door of the trailer
Incompletions Not closing a gate
Incompletions missing an upright pole in weave
Incompletions not completing one in a series of jumps
Incompletions not backing all the way
Incompletions no response to request to "change" of pace
Incompletions losing pack or added items
Incompletions off side of bridge or ramp without another successful attempt to complete obstacle
Incompletions entering but not successfully completing or exiting any obstacle (all four feet of animal in unless only 2 required)
Off course forgetting an obstacle
Off course taking an additional obstacle
Off course taking an obstacle out of sequence
Off course intentionally skipping an obstacle or requirement
Created by: steeledreams
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