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Band quiz 2

Middle school band vocabulary test 2

accelerando (accel.) gradually faster
adagio very slow
agitato agitated;rapid
alla in the style of
allagrando gradually slower and broader
allegretto light and moderately quick, but not as fast as allegro
allegro rapid;lively
al fine to the finish
andante (andTE) moderately slow, but moving
andantino a little quicker than andante
anima, con with animation; spirited
a poco a little; gradually
a tempo in time; (generally implies a return to original rate of speed)
ben well(such as "ben marcato-well marked)
brio,con with spirit; brilliant
calando gradually slower and softer
cantabile in a singing style
chromatic by semi-tones
coda the final added measures of a musical compostion
con with
crescendo gradually louder
dal segno (d.s.) from the sign
diminuendo gradually softer
dolce sweetly
da capo (d.c.) from the beginning
duet composition for two performers
energico energetically
etude a study
fermata hold or pause
fine the end
forte loud (f)
fotissimo very loud (ff)
forza force
forzando forcefully accented
fuoco fire; energy
Created by: gra.timler