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Vocab Blue Unit 1

Vocab Blue 5th Grade Unit 1

blunder (v) to make a foolish or careless mistake; to move clumsily and carelessly (n) a serious or thoughtless mistake (v) to err, foul up, bungle, goof; (n) an error, blooper (v) to triumph, succeed; (n) a success, hit
cancel (v) to call off or to do away with; to cross out with lines of other marks to show that something cannot be used again to stop, discontinue, drop, repeal, revoke to renew, continue, extend, maintain
continuous (adj) going on without a stop or break ongoing, endless, ceaseless, unbroken, constant, perpetual broken, discontinuous, interrupted
distribute (v) to give out in shares; to scatter or spread to divide, share, deal, issue to gather, collect, hold
document (n) a written or printed record that gives information or proof (v) to give written or printed proof; to support with evidence (n) a certificate, deed; (v) to prove, establish
fragile (adj) easily broken or damaged, requiring special handling weak, frail, breakable, delicate, brittle, flimsy sturdy, hardy, strong, rugged, tough
myth (n) an old story that explains why something is or how it came to be; something imaginary a legend, fable, tale, fantasy, fairy tale a fact
reject (v) to refuse to accept, agree to, believe, or use to deny, discard, junk, scrap, decline, dismiss to take, accept, receive, welcome
scuffle (v) to fight or struggle closely with (n) fight or struggle (v) to tussle, roughhouse, battle, brawl; (n) a fistfight, clash
solitary (adj) living or being alone; being the only one single, sole, lone sociable; several, many, numerous
temporary (adj) lasting or used for a limited time short-term, passing brief, momentary lasting, long-lived, permanent
veteran (n) person who has served in the armed forces; person who has a lot of experience (adj) having much experience in some job or field, seasoned (adj) expert, professional, experienced, skilled, accomplished (n) a beginner, newcomer, novice, rookie
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