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Formula for magnification input diameter/output diameter input # is always larger
How do you get brightness gain? minification x flux. it accelerates and focuses the electron beam on the II
Never use fluoro for? positioning
Visually acuity is controlled by? cones, phontonic
What lies between the input screen and the photocathode? thin protective coating
Describe the function of the photocathode absorbs light and emit e
what foes the output screen do? Absorbs e and emit green light
Why is the input screen concave? maintain same distance (input/output) and decrease vinetting?
What happens when greater voltage is applies to the electrostatic lens? focal point moves closer to the input
What angles have the highest energy scatter? greater than 90
What does photoemmissive material do? absorb light and emit e
Name the most common viewing system? video
what did rads become martyrs? wore the beam on their head, lack rad protection
what causes fluoroscopic resolution to vary? minification gain
Fluoro contrast is affected by what scatter, penumbra light, light scatter in the II tube
define vinetting? decrease in resolution and contrast at image periphery
Why is fluoro the domain of the rad? because it's dynamic
What invention enabled brightness to be enhanced? II
What does flux gain do to image quality? decrease image
What is a CCD charged coupling device, stores image
what is the min source to skin distance for mobile fluoro? 12 inch
What is the min source to skin distance of stationary fluoro 15
what is the dose to pt for cassettes 30mR
what is the does for 105 mm film? 10 mR
What is done to the output screen to produce high resolutions thin screen and small phosphors
what is the diff from fluoro tube and dx tube? SOD less than 15
After x-ray photons leave the pt, what does it strike next? input screen
what is the purpose of electrostatic lens? to accelerate and focus e
what is abc and how does it function maintain brightness, change the flow of e between input and output
?what is in the input screen CsI sodium activated cesium iodide
1 incident photon = how many light photons? 1500
what is the Pb/eg for gloves and aprons in fluoro? 0.25 mm
Name advantages a rad tech has over rad during fluoro? not in the primary beam, and use rad as a shield
what reduced quantum mottle? increase mA
define total brightness gain minification x flux, measure the brightness intensity
Every year brightness gain deteriorates by? 10%
Name the geometrical factor that alters recorded detail in fluoro? mini gain, focal point, input screen, resolution, OID, size and phosphor thickness
what is the most common viewing system? video/real time
Identify the rad tech responsibility during fluoro assist rad, run post films (static)
Identify the steps in the process of an II tube x-ray to light, light to e, e to green light
what does the math formula for minification gain input diameter2/output diameter 2
Describe how the video raster scanning pattern affects video viewing? decrease resolution
what are the advantages for CCD? eliminate lag
identify the minimum over the table exposure rates and what is the advantage range 10R/min
how do you reduce pt dose when using mag? collimate the shutters
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