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Unit 1 AM PAG

American Pageant unit 1

Jamestown First permanent English settlement in North America
Defeat of the Spanish Armada Caused the end of Spanish naval dominance
Roanoke Lost English colony
Joint Stock company Means by which some colonies were funded (Virginia)
Lord de la Warr Instilled harsh military discipline at Jamestown
Disease Main killer of Native Americans
Tobacco Crop that saved Jamestown
House of Burgesses First legislative body in the New World
Lord Baltimore Catholic founder of Maryland
Act of Toleration Protected all but Jews and Athesists
South Carolina Colony with strong ties to the British West Indies
The "conversion" An intense, personal experience when God revealed an individual’s heavenly destiny
Mayflower Comact Agreement of self government based on majority rule
William Bradford Pilgrim leader
Anne Hutchinson Belived the truly saved need not bother to obey the laws of God or man
Roger Williams Founder of Rhode Island
New England Confederation Designed to increase colonial defenses
Headright system Giving the right to acquire fifty acres of land to the person paying the passage of a laborer to America
Indentured servants English yeoman who agreed to exchange their labor temporarily in return for payment of their passage to an American colony were called
Middle Passage The brutal voyage across the Atlantic for African slaves
Half Way Covenant Admitted to baptism but not full membership the unconverted children of existing members
New England economy Shipbuilding, lumber, fishing
Scots-Irish Poor immigrant farmers known for being strongly independent
Triangular trade Economic endeavor involving sugar, rum, and slaves
"New light" preachers Delivered emotional speeches
Benjamin Franklin Known as the "first civilized American"
Great Awakening First spontaneous mass movement in America
John Winthrop Founder of Massachuetts
Thomas Hooker Founder of Connecticut
Salem Witch Trials Opposed by responsible members of the clergy
King Henry VIII broke with the Roman Catholic Church in the 1530s, launching the English Protestant Reformation, and intensifying the rivalry with Catholic Spain.
Francis Drake circumnavigated the globe, plundering and returning with his ship loaded with Spanish booty. He had a profit of about 4,600%.
Martin Luther denounced the authority of the priests and popes when he nailed his protests against Catholic doctrines to the door of Wittenberg's cathedral in 1517.Bible alone was the source of God's words. He started the "Protestant Reformation."
John Calvin of Geneva elaborated Martin Luther's ideas. He spelled out his basic doctrine in Latin in 1536, entitled Institutes of the Christian Religion. These ideas formed Calvinism.
King Henry VIII broke his ties with the Roman Catholic Church in the 1530s, he formed the Protestant Church
Puritans There were a few people who wanted to see the process of taking Catholicism out of England occur more quickly.
Separatists A tiny group of Puritans broke away from the Church of England.
Created by: t8trtot757
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