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AP Psychology Test

First Unit of AP Psychology- History Of Psychology

The use of psychological research to solve a problem Applied Psychology
The use of psychological results to contribute to psychology Basic Psychology
School that studies observable and measurable behavior Behaviorism
Prejudice against a certain subject of study Bias
Detailed description of individual Case study
School of psychology devoted to the study of mental process in the broadest sense Cognitive Psychology
The study of how individuals are affected based on diversity within their environment and their culture Cultural/Diversity Perspective
how individuals use perceptual abilities to function in environment Functionalism
School of psychology that studies how people perceive and experience objects as a whole Gestalt Psychology
School of psychology that emphasizes nonverbal experience and altered states of consciousness as a means of realizing one’s full potential Humanistic Psychology
Educated expected results Hypothesis
Entire group identified in hypothesis Population
- School of psychology that studies the psychological factors that interact within an individual, often outside of conscious awareness Psycho-dynamic Psychology
– Consistency of a measure. A test is considered reliable if we get same results repeatedly Reliability
a smaller group within the population that is tested, representing the larger population Sample
School of Psychology that stresses basic units of experience and the combinations in which they occur Structuralism
Administer questions to subjects & gather responses Survey
An accepted and tested explanation for something Theory
the extent to which a test measures what it claims to measure. It is vital for a test to be valid in order for the results to be accurately applied and interpreted Validity
A characteristic in an experiment Variable
the study of human behavior and mental processes Psychology
Perspectives of Psychology Biological, Evolutionary, Psychodynamic, Behavioral, Cognitive, Humanistic, & Social-Cultural
Said that mind and body affects each other Rene Descartes
Developed Blank Slate Theory John Locke
Developed Theory of Evolution Charles Darwin
"Father of Psychology" First psychology lab Wilhelm Wundt
Founder of Functionalism William James
Psycho-analytical theory Sigmund Freud
Founder of Behaviorism John B. Watson
Founder of Operant Conditioning B.F. Skinner
True Or False: Psychologists are medical doctors False
True or False: Psychiatrists cannot do medical procedures False
Steps of Scientific Method Ask Question Background research Hypothesis Create Plan Conduct Experiment Analyze results Draw conclusion
Group introduced to independent variable Experimental group
Group not introduced to independent variable Control group
Characteristic not changed in experiment Dependent variable
Characteristic changed in experiment independent variable
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