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Dance 270.1


Berovsko za Ramo Macedonia 1. "uh-huh" Sqq lift, Sqq step cukce & chorus (6) 2. "sink-step" Sqq (F,B,L,R) & chorus (2) 3. Hop st-st, Sqq, Sqq, step cukce (R-L-R) & Chorus (1) 4. Hop st-st, Sqq, Sqq, Sqq (behind) (3)
Jove Malaj Mome Bulgaria 1.Walk (4) 2. Lift carry-through (4) 3. Limping step (4) qSqqqqqSqq 4. Grapevine- sink bounce 5. grapevine- scissors 6. Grapevine- bicycle stomp 7. Vraz- wild step
Foricica Olteneasca Romania 1. Intro [shake, stomps, step-hops] (3) Pause 2. Intro, step-hops, craziness, step-hops, crazinessalay
Crazy step Jump, click, landL, dotR, leap-stepL, hop-slapL, pas de bas, L, R, jump, click, landL, slapR, "swish" R, L, R, L, lift & hold, run bk RLR, stompL
Halay Turkey 1. Run & pump-4 Hop step & pump-4 Hop step kick& pump-2 Leans, pas de bas-2 Shimmy & walk back-2 Repeat 1 2. Hop step kick-scissors-2 Run 4 & pump-2 Hop step kick scissors-2 3. Hop step kick & pump-1 Shimmy & slap
Makedonsko Devojce Macedonia 1. Makedonsko devojce Kitka sarena Vo gradina nabrana Dar podarena Chorus Da li ima, na ovoj beli svet Poudavo devojce od makedonce Nema, nema neke se rodi Poubavo devojce od makedonce.
Makedonsko Devojce Dance: lesnoto
lesno SqqqqSqq
Bulgaria Romania, Serbia, Macedonia, Greece, Turkey
Alunelul De la Isniceni Romania 1. Heel-step, back, crazy 2. Scuff, fwrd, stomp L, slide R scuff fwrd, stomp R slide repeat 3. Heel step, scuff, hop R grapevine, heel lift stomp R, stomp L repeat Repeat
Created by: 1422999189