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Dominic System

Remember important numbers and dates association

02 OB Obi-wan Kenobi (Star Wars) Waving light sabre
03 OC C-3PO (Star Wars) Doing the robot
04 OD Otto Dix Painting
05 OE Omar Epps Acting on stage
06 OS OJ Simpson Putting on tight gloves
07 OG Oscar the Grouch Popping out of a trash can
08 OH Oliver Hardy Spinning around
09 ON Oliver North Testifying in court
10 AO Annie Oakley Holding two shotguns
11 AA Andre Agassi Smashing a tennis ball with a racquet
12 AB Alexander graham Bell Twisting light bulbs
13 AC Al Capone Wearing hat and smoking a cigar
14 AD Andy Dick Walking with a suitcase
15 AE Albert Einstein Writing on chalkboard (E=MC 2)
16 AS Arnold Swarzenegger Flexing muscles
17 AG Al Gore Chopping down a tree
18 AH Adolf Hitler Making a speach in front of podium (swastika on forehead)
19 AN Alfred Nobel Making dynamite in his laboratory
20 BO Barack Obama Being sworn in
21 BA BA Baracus (Mr T) Hands crossed (Gold blinging, saying "I pity the fool")
22 BB Bugs Bunny Chewing on a carrot (Saying wats up doc)
23 BC Bill Clinton Getting off on Monica Lewinsky
24 BD Bo Diddley Playing his trademark rectangular guitar
25 BE Barbra Eden (I dream of genie) Twitching her nose
26 BS Bart Simpson Riding skateboard
27 BG Bill Gates Typing on a computer
28 BH Benny Hill Chasing a big boobed woman
29 BN Bill Nye Wearing blue coat mixing chemicals from test tube
30 CO Conan O'Brian Interviewing Jay Leno
31 CA Captain America Throwing his shield
32 CB Charlie Brown Hugging snoopy
33 CC Casius Clay Boxing
34 CD Charles Darwin Catching butterflies
35 CE Clint Eastwood Roping a steer
36 CS Charlie Sheen Parachutting
37 CG Che Guevara Riding motorcycle
38 CH Charlton Heston Riding a chariot
39 CN Chuck Norris Doing a roundhouse kick with boots on
40 DO ---Personal-- ---Personal---
41 DA Dan Ackroyd Playing a harmonica (Blues Brothers)
42 DB Drew Barrymore Flashing her boobs
43 DC David Copperfield Doves coming out of a hat (magic trick)
44 DD Donal Duck Spitting and sputtering
45 DE Duke Elington Playing piano
46 DS Nintendo DS Mario breaking a brick
47 DG Danny Glover Limping (Saying I'm too old for this)
48 DH David Hasselhof Driving the knight rider
49 DN Duke Nukem Shooting a rocket launcher
50 EO Ed O'Neil Sticking hands down his pants (Married with children)
51 EA Edgar Allen poe Raven through his head
52 EB Ernst Blofed (James Bond movie) Stroking white cat
53 EC Eric Cartman Receiving electric shocks (South park)
54 ED Ellen Degeneres Dancing
55 EE Eddie "The Eagle" Edwards Catching a football
56 ES Edward Scissorhand Trimming hedges
57 EG Earl Grey Drinking tea
58 EH Eddie Hubble Looking through a telescope
59 EN Emperor Nero Setting fire on CDs
60 SO Shaquile O'Neil Dunking basketall (glass shattering)
61 SA Sammuel Adams Raising a pint of beer
62 SB Sandra Bullock Steering a bus
63 SC Sean Connery Rolling under tunnel
64 SD Scooby Doo Sniffing floor (Searching for snack)
65 SE Santa's Elves Building wooden toy cars
66 SS Steven Speilberg Directing a movie
67 SG Sarah michelle Gellar Holding a wooden steak
68 SH Suddam Hussein Hiding in a foxhole
69 SN Sam Neil Holding a raptor claw (Jurrasic Park)
70 GO GOd Throwing thunderbolts
71 GA Georgio Armani Making a suit
72 GB George Bush Pushing a nuclear button (big red button)
73 GC George Clinton Throwing bucket of black paint on white house
74 GD Geena Davis Tranforming into a giant fly
75 GE Thomas Edison (General Electric) Lighting up light bulbs
76 GS Gene Simmons Flapping his tongue
77 GG Grandolf the Grey Raising staff (fighting dragon)
78 GH Goldie Hawn Scrubbing bathroon with a toothbrush (private benjamin)
79 GN Greg Norman Playing golf
80 HO Santa Clause Holding belly saying HO HO HO
81 HA Hank Aaran Hitting a homerun
82 HB Halle Barry Having sex on a couch
83 HC Hannibal the Cannibal Chopping up a person
84 HD Humpty Dumpty Falling off a walling (cracking open, egg yolk spewing out)
85 HE HE man Pointing sword to the sky
86 HS Homer Simpson Eating oversized doughnut
87 HG Hermione Granger Waving wand and disappearing
88 HH Hulk Hogan Tearing off t-shirt
89 HN Haratio Nelson Losing one arm and wearing eye patch
90 NO Dr. NO Crushing metal figurine
91 NA Neil Armstrong Planting flag on moon
92 NB Norman Bates Taking a shower (Psycho)
93 NC Nicolas Cage Flying an airplane
94 ND Neil Diamond Singing through a microphone
95 NE Nicole Eggert Running on beach to rescue someone (Baywatch)
96 NS Norman Schwarzkoph Fighting a bear (wearing military uniform)
97 NG Newt Gingrich Riding elephant
98 NH Neil harris Patrick Smurfs jumping on top of him
99 NN Nick Nolte Big explosion behind him
00 OO Olive Oyl Flirting with Popeye
01 OA Orphan Annie Holding doll saying "Gee whiskers"
Created by: walkyman
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