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vocab unit 6 D G

Jenkins Vocabulary Unit 6 Definitions 12th Grade Level G

Abject adj. degraded; base, contemptible, cringing, servile; compete and unrelieved
Agnostic n. one who believes that nothing can be known about God; a skeptic; adj. without faith,skeptical
Complicity n. involvement in wrongdoing; the state of being an accomplice
Derelict n. someone or something that is abandoned or neglected; adj. left abandoned; neglectful of duty
Diatribe n. a bitter and prolonged verbal attack
Effigy n a crude image of a despised person
Equity n. the state or quality of being just, fair, or impartial; fair and equal treatment; something that is fair; the moeny value of a property abotu and beyond any mortgage or other claim
Inane adj. silly, empty or meaning or value
Indictment n. the act of accusing; a formal accusation
Indubitable adj. certain, not to be doubted or denied
Intermittent adj. stopping and beginning again, sporadic
Moot adj. open to discussion and debate, unresolved; v. to bring up for discussion; n. hypothetical law case argued by students
Motif n. a principal idea, feature, theme, or element; a repeated or dominant figure in design
Neophyte n. a new convert, beginner, novice
Perspicacity n. keenness in observing and understanding
Plenary adj. complete in all aspects or essentials; absolute, attended by all qualified members
Surveillance n. to watch kept over a person; careful, close, and disciplined
Sylvan adj. pertaining to or characteristic of forest; living or located in a forest; wooded, woody
Testy adj. easily irritated; characterized by impatience and exasperation
Travesty n. a grotesque or grossly inferior imitation; a disguise, especially the clothing of the opposite sex; v. to ridicule by imitating in a broad or burlesque fashion
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