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Computer flash cards

every flash card word and definiton you need to know

Keyboard The part of the computer with letters and numbers buttons thats you use for typing.
Mouse What you use to move the arrow around the computer screen.You can use the buttons to choose things on the screen. Can you tell why its called a mouse?
Cursor The arrow or little flashing line on you computer screen that points to things. The mouse is used to move the cursor.
Laptop A small computer that is easy to move and carry. It has the computer,monitor,mouse,and keyboard around the world.
Internet A world wide system of millions of computers taht are connected together in a network. This is what your computer uses to visit Web sites like or chat with other kids around the world.
Cyberspace The world that connects computers with the internet. When you send an e-mail to friends it goes through cyberspace to reach them.
Internet adress Just like your home adress,this group of letters and numbers takes your computer to a specific place on the internet. It usually looks like or
URL(Uniform Resource Locator) This is just another way to say internet adress. The URL for the internet keep Safe Coalition Web site is (Caps don't matter;they're just for fun.)
Web site a place you visit on the internet that has stuff to see and read. Some Web sites have fun and useful information,but some are not safe. Your parents can help you find good Web sites.
Instant messaging Messages you can exchange back and forth with a friend through a special program. It's like a private chat room.
Chat room(or chatroom) A place to "talk by typing" to other people in the chat room. But be careful! People are not always who they say they are in the chat rooms. Never give any personal Information liek your name,adress,phone number,or the name of your school to anyone in cha
E-mail(electronic mail) A letter you send through cyberspace. People love e-mails.
Bulletin boards or Message boards a place on the internet where you can post information for otehr people to see, usually about a specific topic-like the one in your classroom or home. Remember,never post your personal information.
Username A name that you pick to use when you're on the internet. It identifies you without telling strangers your real name. parents are really goog at choosing usernames.
Screen name your username in chat room. screen name should never say who you really are or give any personal information.
Spam junk mail sent to your e-mail box that is usually advertising something. don't open or respond to SPAM because it can cause problems for your computer.
Virus (computer virus) A hidden computer program that sneaks into your computer through e-mail or the internet. viruses can really hurt your computer, and you can accidentally send them on to other people without even knowing it! to help keep viruses off your computer, dont ope
Password a secret word that only you and your parents should know. you use it to check your e-mail and log into web sites. parents are really good at helping you remember passwords.
blog short for web-log. a web site where you can post a personal journal.
Pop-up An ad that pops up on your computer, trying to get you to click on it. Pop ups are tricks-they usually offer something that sounds great but really isn't. Never click on pop-ups.
Monitor The computer screen where you seem words, pictures and videos.
Created by: Nikki15
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