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GS 290 Quiz 2

ac·cred·it &-'kre-d&t verb to attribute to; to credit to recognize as superb to meet a prescribed standard
assistant professor noun an individual who belongs to a university faculty whose position is above an instructor and below an associate professor
associate professor noun an individual who belongs to a university faculty whose position is above an assistant professor and below a full professor
au·dit noun a close examination and verification of financial accounts and records
audit verb to examine accounts and records for verification to attend a class without receiving a grade or a credit
bac·ca·lau·re·ate "ba-k&-'lor-E-&t, -'lär- noun an undergraduate degree from a college or a university the ceremony for a graduation or the speech to a graduating class a sermon to a graduating class a ceremony at which the sermon is given
bur·sar 'b&r-s&r, -"sär noun the treasurer in a college or university
car·rel 'kar-&l noun a cubicle in a library stack used for studying
col·lege 'kä-lij noun institution of higher learning that grants the bachelor’s degree undergraduate division or school of a university
com·pre·hen·sive -'hen(t)-siv adjective having a broad mental grasp covering entirely
cre·den·tial kri-'den(t)-sh&l adjective entitling confidence or credit - ex. credential letters
credential kri-'den(t)-sh&l noun something entitling one to confidence or qualification - ex. diploma testimonials or certified documents showing that a person is qualified or has a right to exercise official power certificate, diploma
credential kri-'den(t)-sh&l verb to grant credentials - especially educational and professional
cu·mu·la·tive 'kyü-my&-l&-tiv, -"lA- adjective formed by the addition or accumulation of materials of the same type
dean 'dEn noun the head of a faculty or school in a college or university an administrator in a school in charge of student services, such as discipline or counseling
dis·ser·ta·tion "di-s&r-'tA-sh&n noun lengthy writing on a topic the research presented for a doctorate
doc·tor·ate 'däk-t(&-)r&t noun a graduate degree above a master’s degree with the title of doctor
grant 'grant verb to consent to the fulfillment to transfer formally - ex., to give a scholarship to acknowledge
grant noun the act of granting something granted - ex., a gift or money a transfer of property by deed
instructor in-'str&k-t&r - noun a person who teaches a person who teaches at a college and is below the level of assistant professor
in·ter·dis·ci·plin·ary 'di-s&-pl&-"ner-E adjective combining two or more fields of study
in·tern in·terne /'in-"t&rn/ noun one who gains practical experience in a profession before entering the profession
in·tra·mu·ral -'myur-&l adjective happening within a particular group, often in reference to an event or sport that occurs within a student body
ma·jor 'mA-j&r adjective pertaining to a subject area in which a student concentrates most of his classes
major noun a field of study selected by a student to focus his interest
major verb to follow a course of study or interest
mas·ter 'mas-t&r noun a male teacher a graduate degree above a bachelor’s degree but below a doctorate
mi·cro·fiche 'mI-krO-"fEsh, -"fish noun a sheet of microfilm used for filing and holding a number of varied images of printed information
mi·nor 'mI-n&r adjective pertaining to a focus of study which has less importance than a major
minor noun a field of study in which less credit is needed than a major
minor verb to follow a course of study secondary to a major
neophyte 'nE-&-"fIt noun a beginner
prac·ti·cum 'prak-ti-k&m noun study for teachers and clinicians that stresses the application of their knowledge
pre·req·ui·site noun a condition previously necessary
prerequisite (")prE-'re-kw&-z&t adjective required beforehand
pro·ba·tion prO-'bA-sh&n noun a trial period to determine a person’s fitness for school or job : an evaluative exam or the subjection to that exam : supervised freedom with a suspended sentence for good behavior
provost 'prO-"vOst, 'prä-v&st, 'prO-v&st noun a high administrative officer in charge primarily of curriculum and faculty appointments : the supervisor of a prison
reg·is·trar 're-j&-"strär noun : one who keeps official records : in a school, college, or university, the person who keeps track of students’ applications, registration, records, grades, etc.
re·su·mé 're-z&-"mA, "re-z&-' also 'rA- or "rA-/ noun a summary of one’s work experience
sab·bat·i·cal s&-'ba-ti-k&l adjective relating to the sabbath : relating to the seventh year
sabbatical noun an optional leave of absence granted at a minimum every seventh year to a professor for study or research : a break or change from normal employment
sem·i·nar 'se-m&-"när noun an informal sharing of ideas in an academic setting : graduate students sharing original research : a group discussion with individual input
stack 'stak noun a large orderly pile : a group of chimneys arranged together : a set of bookshelves arranged compactly, as in a library (usually called stacks )
stack verb to arrange in an orderly pile : to arrange something to make a desired outcome occur
sus·pen·sion s&-'spen(t)-sh&n noun : a temporary interruption or discontinuance of office or privileges : the action of hanging : the state of a material when its particles are mixed but undissolved
syl·la·bus -b&s noun an outline of topics, etc., to be covered in a course of study
ten·ure 'ten-y&r also -"yur noun period during which something is held : status of holding one’s position on a permanent basis
the·sis 'thE-s&s, British esp for 1 'the-sis noun original research written and defended by a candidate for a degree : a reference to the location of stress in the metrical foot in a poem : down beat in music : a proposition to be proved or disproved
uni·ver·si·ty "yü-n&-'v&r-s&-tE, -'v&r-stE noun an institution of higher learning consisting of an undergraduate division, graduate, and professional schools with teaching and research facilities : building(s) occupied by any such school
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