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Io Non Ho Paura

'brivido shudder, shiver, thrill, wince
'cenere (f) ash, cinders
'conca bowl, basin, hollow
'cupola dome, crown
'edera ivy
'nugolo swarm, cloud, clump
'polvere (f) dust
'predica sermon
'ripido steep, abrupt
'scuotere (scosso) to shake, flap
'sorgere (sorto) to rise, stand, spring up, crop up
'tegola tile
'togliere (tolto) to take away, remove, extract, withdraw
'unghia nail, finger or toe nail
abbonare to subscribe
acchiappare to catch, seize
afferrare to seize, grab, catch hold of
affollare to crowd, pack, throng, fill up
affondare to sink, founder, plunge, dig into
agnello lamb
allungare to lengthen, extend, water down, fetch
annodare to knot, tie, lace up, establish
appiccicare to stick on, glue, paste
appollaiarsi to perch, roost
arrossire to turn red, blush
arruffare to ruffle, rumple, tousle, tangle
arrugginire to rust
asso ace
astenersi to abstain, refrain
balbettare to stammer, stutter, falter, babble
barcollare to stagger, totter
bassotto dachshund
beccare to peck at, to beak, catch, nab
becco beak
bidone (m) drum, can
borbottare to mutter, mumble, grumble
botta knock, bang, blow, shock, bruise
calcinaccio rubble
calcio kick
canna cane, reed, rod, pipe, hose
carnefice (m) executioner, torturerer, tormentor, hangman
cascare to fall, drop
cassone (m) container, chest, large case, car body, cold frame
caviglia ankle, peg, belaying pin
ciccia fat, flesh, meat
ciccione (m, -a f) fatty
cicla'mino cyclamen
cinguet'tio chirp, twitter
cinta belt
co'cuzzolo top, crown
colare to drain, strain, pour, drip, seep
conficcare stick in, dig in, plunge in, tap in, drive in
confondere (confuso) to confuse, confound
crepa crack, slit, crevice, fissure, chink
creta clay
crollare to collapse, cave in, fall down, topple
culo bottom, butt, ass, buttocks
disperdere (disperso) to disperse, scatter, clear, blow
educato, a polite, well mannered
fesse'ria nonsense
fesso, a cracked, fissured, cloven
fico fig tree, fig
fo'schia haze, mist, netting
fondamento ground, foundation, basis
fontanile drinking fountain
fossa pit, hole, grave
frazione fraction, hamlet
fregare to scrub down, cheat, rip off
frisciare to rustle, swish, crackle
fulminare to strike down (or dead); -si: to burn out
gallina hen
gara competition, race
gareggiare to compete
gigante (m) giant, ogre
girino tadpole
gobba hump, bump, mogul
gocca drop, bead
gradino step, rung
grattare to scratch, scrape, grind
grillo cricket, whim, caprice, fancy
inappuntabile impeccable, flawless, irreproachable
infangare to muddy, besmirch, taint
infilare to thread, insert, slip
infissi (m, pl) shutters
inghiottire to swallow, get down
intravedere to glimpse, catch sight of, sense
in'tridere (intriso) to soak, mix, drench
inumidire to dampen, moisten
lattiginoso milky
le'tame (m) dung, manure, muck, filth
maiale (m) pig
mattonella roof or floor tile
metallizzate metallic
or'tica stinging nettle
orripilante horrifying, horrible, horrific
pappagallo parrot
pareggiare to even out, level off, trim , straighten
peccato sin
pelliccia pelt, fur, fur coat
peloso hairy, fluffy, shaggy
pendaglio pendant
penzoloni (inv) hanging down, dangling, swinging
percorrere (percorso) to travel over, go, walk, drive, fly
piagnucolare to whine, wimper, moan, snivel
picchiare to beat, batter, thump, knock
piegare to fold, bend, droop, submit
poggiare to lean, rest, position
pugno fist
puntello prop (to shore up)
recinto enclosure, pen, sty, stockyard, sheep fold
'reggere (retto) to hold up, bear, withstand, support
'rendere (reso) to give back, return, render, restore
ri'volgere (rivolto) to turn, address, direct
rinoceronte (m) rhinocerous
rinsecchirsi to dry up, wither, wizen, grow skinny
riparare to protect, shelter, fix, mend, redress, atone for
ripareo shelter, cover
riposare to rest
riprendere (ripreso) to recover
ronzare to buzz, hum, drone, whir
rovente red hot, scorching, roasting, blazing
ruscello stream, creek, brook, trickle
scemo fool, idiot
schiaffo slap, smack
schiena back (of a person)
schifo disgust
schizzare to splash, splatter
scommettere (scommesso) to bet, gamble
scoppiare to blow up, explode
scordare to forget
'scorgere (scorto) to catch sight of, glimpse, spot, foresee
scovare to discover, dig out, unearth
scrostare to scrape, strip; -si: to flake, crumble, peel
scrutare to peer at, scrutinize
sfondare to break the bottom of, wear out; -si: collapse, fall in
singhiozzo hiccup, sob
slacciarsi unfasten
smantellare to dismantle, break up, demolish
socchiedere (socchiuso) to close a little, leave slightly ajar
soffiare to blow
solaio attic, loft
sollevare to lift, raise, pick up, arouse
sopportare to sustain, carry, bear, endure, put up with, suffer withstand
sorprendere (sorpreso) to surprise, amaze, astonish
soste'nere to support, sustain, prop up, hold up, keep going
spalancare open wide, flung out, splayed out
spalmare to spread, smear
spezzare to break, crack, snap, split
spiazzo clearing, patch of level ground
spicchio slice, segment, section, clove
spiga spike, ear (of corn)
spostare to move, change, shift
sprovvisto, a lacking in, short of, unsupplied with
spuntare to blunt, clip, trim, spring out, sprout up, break out
stelo stalk, stem
storcere (storto) to bend, twist
storto crooked, bent, twisted
strega witch
strozzare to choke
tentennare to hesitate, vacillate, balk, dillydally
toppa patch
torcere (torto) to twist, wring. -si: writhe
tosse (f) cough
travicello (o travi) rafter, joist
tronco trunk, log, torso
trota trout
usato, a second hand, used
velare to veil, cloud over
vendicarsi to avenge, take revenge, retaliate
verme (m) worm, grub, maggot
versante (m) slope, side, mountainside
vi'ottolo track, path
vo'latile bird, volatile, ephemeral
votazione (f) poll, vote
zampa leg, paw, foot, foreleg
Created by: kreutz