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S.S. vocabulary1

vocab for social studies (test on wednesday 9/28)

Belief in one god Monotheism
People raising crops to sell Commercial farmers
Person that flees place because of war Refugee
Living in a city is called an (blank) area. Urban
Study of people and their environment Demography
Raising animals for food and/or wool Livestock raising
Raised area of fairly level land Plateau
Treeless area located in the Arctic Tundra
Dry climate with little rainfall Semiarid
Large mass of ice Glacier
Small area of water extending into land Bay
Obtaining food by killing animals or picking berries Hunting and gathering
Useful material from nature Natural resource
Country land Rural
People raising crops to sell Commercial farmers
Ability to read and write Literacy
Making or producing goods to sell or trade Economic activity
Hot and rainy climate year round Tropical wet
Bowl-shaped mountain between two mountains Basin
A narrow waterway that connects two larger bodies of water Strait
Land bordering the ocean (easier for shipping) Coast
Becoming a desert Desertification
Created by: kentonm