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Cori's #1

North Carolina Geography and Explorers

What are the two sub-regions in the Piedmont? Sandhills and foothills
Definition: Sound a narrow strip of water between an island and a mainland
What are the three largest sounds in NC? Albemarle, Currituck, and Pamlico
What is the largest natural lake in NC? Lake Mattamskeet
What are the five largest cities in NC in order from largest to smallest? Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro, Durham, and Winston Salem
What NC river flows directly into the Atlantic? Cape Fear
Which river flows North out of NC? New river
What indian tribes in NC are Iroquoi? Tuscarora and Cherokee
Which tribes are Algonquian? Hatteras and Chowanoc
What did Dias do? he was the first person to sail around the Cape of Good Hope from Europe
Which Spanish explorer came closest to Mooresville? Hernando de Soto
What did DeGama do? he reached India by sea
What did Columbus set out to do? sail west to reach Asia
What are the two major branches of Christianity? Catholisism and Protestant
What was the large group of Spanish ships whose plan was to attack England? the Spanish Armada
What is the western-most region of NC? Mountains Region
What is the central region of NC? the Piedmont
What is the eastern-most region of NC? the Coastal Plain
Which region of NC follows the coastline? the Tidewater
What region of NC makes up the western part of the Coastal Plain? the Inner Coastal Plain
What are the barrier islands of NC called? The outer banks
What is the tallest mountain in NC? Mount Mitchell
How tall is Mount Mitchell? 6684 feet
What county is Mount Mitchell in? Yancey County
What is North Carolina's largest man made lake? Lake Norman
What are the five main indian tribes of NC? Hatteras, Cherokee, Chowanoc, Catawba, Tuscarora
Who sent expeditions to NC in the late 1500s trying to establish a colony? Sir Walter Raleigh
How many expeditions were sent by Sir Walter Raleigh? three
What island were the two unsucessful colonies settled on? Roanoke
What natural event could have lead to the Lost Colony? a drought
What are the two theories of the Lost Colony dealing with Indians? the Indians killed them, or the colony went to live with them
What is the theory of the Lost colony dealing with the Spanish? the Spanish settlers from Florida killed them
What is the theory of the Lost Colony that deals with the colonists actually leaving the mainland? they tried to sail back to England to get supplies and safety, but they were lost at sea
What were the top three Indian tribes in NC? Tuscarora, Cherokee, and Catawba
What did Henry the Navigator accomplish? he created a very sucessful navigation school in Portugal
How were the Aztecs so easily conquered? the Aztecs thought the Spanish were their gods, the Spanish recruited enemies of the Aztecs, and the Spanish had guns, horses and very deadly diseases
How were the Incas so easily conquered? the Spanish had guns, horses and cannons and they kidnapped and killed the Inca's leader whom they view as their god
What were the main goals of the Spanish in the New World? finding new land, convert natives to christianity, and to find gold and silver
What were the main goals of the French in the New World? to conquer land and to set up a fur trade network
What were the main goals of the English in the New World? to conquer land, and to set up colonies on land not already claimed by a Christian country
What two reasons did the King of Spain have to want to marry Elizabeth I? to gain wealth & power, and to change England back to Catholicism
Created by: bmscori2