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Health Bones 1

Every thing that can be on unit 2 test on bones

What is the longest and heaviest bone in the body? Femer
What is an example of a ball and socket joint? Pelvis and Femer
What is an example of a pivot joint? Ulna and Radius
Name two bones that that will form a hinge joint? Ulna and Humerous
What is an example of a gliding joint? Tarsals and Carples
Which of the two is the bigger bone in the lower leg? Tibia
What bones are located in your wrists? Carpals
What is the proper name of the collarbone? Clavical
WHat is the proper name for the shoulderblade? Scapula
What bone protects the heart? Sternum
Name the bones found on the bridge of the foot? Metatarsals
Where on the skeleton where there will be 8 flatbones to make an immovable joint? Cranium
Name the bones of the fingers and toes? Falangies
Name the long bone on the thumb side of the lower arm? Radius
Name the skeletal problem that involves a sideways S curature of the spine? Scoliousis
What is the area of repair on a fracture? Callus
Which fracture will stay beneath the skin? Simple
What is Arthritis? Inflammation of your joint
WHat part of the skeletal system is torn or partailly torn when a person has a sprain? Ligament
What type of connective tissue is found at the joint connecting two bones toegether? Ligiment
What type of connective tissue is softer that bon, but will bind, cushion, and form parts? Cartilage.
THe joints in the skeletal system are protected by this lubricating fluid name the fluid? Cynovial
What are the 5 functions of a bone. support, protect, store, produce, movement.
Ossification The proccess during infantry and childhood in which cartalige is replace by bone
Ligiments Tough bands of connective tissue that attaches bone to bone.
Sprain A tear of partail tear to a ligiment.
Dislocation An injury that occures when the ends of bones are forced out of its normal position.
Cartilage Connective tissue that binds cushions and forms parts.
Fracture A break in a bone
Scoliosis Sideways leaning spine
Osteoporosis Lack of calcium causing bone loss.
Marrow Soft tissue that fills spaces inside bone
Joint Place in your body where two or more bones meet.
Spongy Bone Layer Contains flat and needle like structures that resists stress red bone marrow may fill spaces.
Compact Bone Layer makes the outer layer in all bone although it looks dense and solid it's full of holes for nerves and blood cells.
Calcium Keeps bones strong and healthy
What does Red bone marrow produce? Red bloood cells
What does Yellow bone marrow store? Fat
Hairline fracture crack in a bone
Greenstick fracture Break in a bone but not in two pieces
Simple fracture Break in the bone but not the skin
Compound fracture Break in the bone and the skin
Displaced fracture Bones are broke and out of line
Shattered fracture Bone is broken into several pieces
Created by: geyerjd