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Psychology Cafe 2

Psychology Flashcards

psychobiologist a psychologist who studies how physical and chemical changes in our bodies influence our behavior
dualism the concept that the mind and body are separate and distinct
sociocultural psychology newest approach to psychology involves studying the influence of cultural and ethnic similarities and differences on behavior and social functioning
Gestalt Psychology Studied how sensations are assembled into perceptual experiences
psychiatry a branch of medicine that deals with mental,emotional,or behavioral disorders
clinical psychiatry a psychologist who diagnoses and treats people with emotional disturbances
counseling psychologist a psychologist who usually helps people deal with problems of living
developmental psychologist a psychologist who studied the emotional,cognitive,biological,personal,and social changes that occur as an individual matures
educational psychologist a psychologist who is concerned with helping students learn
community psychologist a psychologist who may work in a mental health or social welfare agnecy
industrial/organazational psychologist a psychologist who uses psychological concepts to make the workplace a more satisfying enviroment for employees and managers
experimental psychologist a psychologist who studies sensation,perception,learning,motivation,and emotion in carefully controlled labratory conditions
enviromental psychologist study the effects of the enviroment on people
forensic pychologist developing personality profiles of criminal offenders or help law enforcement officers understand problems like abuse
APA Divisions scientific and professional society of psychologists and educators
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