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Matter has _______and________. mass and volume
Aluminum foil is very.....(easy to bend) malleable
These are shiny and can bend on the periodic table. metals
If I have a clay ball that is 15 grams and then I divide it into two smaller balls, what would be its total mass? 15 grams
Conservation of matter states that matter can not be __________ or destroyed. created
Is burning anything a physical change? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, that would be chemical!
Solids have particles that vibrate or float? vibrate
Which state of matter has particles that move quickly? gases
State of matter is a _______ property of an object. physical
________properties can be observed without changing the identity of the substance. physical
The atomic number is the number of _____ in an atom. protons
Water freezing is a physical change. True or False? true
The Kinetic Theory of matter is shown when a liquid is heated, the particles move....? quickly
The Kinetic Theory of matter is shown when a liquid is cooled, the particles start to move how? to slow down
______fills the shape of the container but keeps the same volume. liquids or solids? Liquids
These have a definite shape and volume. Solids or liquids? solids
Examples of physical changes...??? cutting hair, chopping wood, freezing, melting, evaporation, mixing koolaid together.
Pure substances that makes up everything in the world are elements.
_____are tiny particles that make up matter. Atoms
What two things are inside an atom? protons and neutrons
What circles the outside of an atom? electrons
What charges are electrons? negative
This state of matter has particles that are spread out.... gas
Scientist-Periodic Table? Mendeleev
__________table is an arrangement of the elements. Periodic
Elements can be placed in three groups: metals, non metals, metalloids
Which group of elements conduct heat and electricity, are shiny when polished, and bend rather than break? metals
_____________are poor conductors of heat and electricity and don't bend. Nonmetals
What element is in every living thing? carbon
Conservation of Matter states that .... mass stays the same when it undergoes a physical change. 2 grams to 2 grams from ice to liquid water.
This means a metal material can be bent or shaped... malleability
This is a physical property that means shiny or dull. luster
What kind of change is it when PeeWee spills coffee all over his suit and gets it wet? physical
___________particles spread out because they have more kinetic energy (energy of movement). Gas
_________particles stay close together because they have less kinetic energy (energy of movement) Solid
Ice melting is a physical change because..... solid to a liquid and it is still the same substance. Just a change in state of matter is a physical change.
Created by: mrsyoung