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Upper Limb Bontrager

Upper Limb exam: digits, hand, wrist, forearm, elbow

Name 3 elbow special projections Acute Flexion (Jones), Trauma Axial (Coyle), Radial Head
What should be seen in a Lat Elbow olecranon in profile and superimposition of condyles, open joint spaces
What does the posterior fat pad demonstrate? elbow joint pathology
What does the supinator fat stripe demonstrate? radial head fx
What should be seen in a lat forearm? ulnar head superimposed over radius
What should be seen in an AP forearm? humeral epicondyles in profile
3 common Fxs of the forearm Monteggia (fx prox 1/3 ulna), Parry/nightstick, Galeazzi (fx distal 1/3 radius)
How would you fx the scaphoid? fall on outstretched hand
What is the joint classification for the radiocarpal joint? ellipsoidal
What is shown in an internal/medial oblique elbow? ICU-Internal shows coronoid and ulna
Where is the CR for Acute Flexion (Jones) of elbow? perp to forearm 2" proximal to olecranon process
What is a Mason fx? radial head Fx
What are the 3 types of bone in the hand? Phalanges, Metacarpals and Carpals
What are the 3 types of phalanges Proximal, Middle, Distal
What is the joint in the thumb? Interphalangeeal (IP Joint)
What is the joint between the base of the proximal phalanx and the metacarpal? Metacarpophlangeal Joint (MCP)
What is the joint in between the carpals? Carpmetacarpal (CMC)
What bone does the scaphoid articulate with? Radius
What bone does the lunate articulate with? Radius
What are the two joints between the radius and ulna? Proximal radioulnar and distal radioulnar
Where is the head of the ulna located? Near the wrist
What is the kvp for upper limb? 50-70
What size focal spot should be used? small
What is a Barton's Fx? dislocation of the posterior lip of the distal radius
What is a Bennett's Fx? @ base of 1st metacarpal
What is a Boxer's Fx? @ fifth metacarpal
What is a Colles' Fx? Fx in distal radius when the fragment is displaced posteriorly
What is a Smith's Fx? Fx of distal radius where fragment is displaced anteriorly
For the fingers, where is the PA, PA oblique and Lateral centered? PIP
For the thumb, where should the CR be centered for the AP, PA Oblique and Lateral Projections 1st MCP
Which projection should be used for a Bennett's Fx? AP Modified Robert's
How and where is the CR placed for a Modified Robert's 15degrees towards the wrist at the 1st CMC
Where is the CR for a PA Hand? 3rd MCP joint
Where is the CR for a "fan" hand? 2nd MCP joint
What is the kVp for a lateral hand? 55-65
Where is the CR for a Lateral Extension/Flexion? 2nd to 5th MCP
What is the kVp for Wrist projections? 60+/-6
Where is the CR for a PA/AP wrist? Midcarpal area
What wrist projection is best to show a Barton's, Colles' or Smith's Fx? Lateral-Lateromedial Projection
Where is the CR for a PA and PA Axial Scaphoid At scaphoid and at 10 degree proximal angle towards elbow
What type of joint is the IP joint? Hinge
What type of joint is the MCP joint? Ellipsoidal
What type of joint is the CMC1 joint? Saddle
What type of joint is the CMC2-5 joint? Gliding
What is the cast conversion for fiberglass? Increase mAs 25-30 and kVp 3-4
What is the cast conversion for dry plaster? Increase mAs 50-60 and kVp 5-7
What is the cast conversion for wet plaster? Increase mAs 100 and kvp 8-10
What is a subluxation? partial dislocation
What is the most common fx of the distal radius and ulna? Torus or Buckle
What type of joint is the "radiocarpal joint"? ellipsodal, diarthrotic
What two bones does the radius articulate with? scaphoid and lunate
What is the other name for the scaphoid? navicular
Which deviation is best to view the scaphoid? ulnar deviation
What carpals are best seen in a PA with radial deviation? hamate, pisiform, triquetrum and lunate
What are the exposure factors for upper limb? i.e. exposure time, focal spot and kVp short time, 50-70 kVp, small focal spot
How can you tell if film is oblique? ulnar head partially superimposed by distal radius, 3-5th metacarpals are superimposed
Which projection demonstrates Barton's, Colles' and Smith's fractures? Lateral-lateromedial wrist
Which projection is best used to view the scaphoid? PA Axial Scaphoid (ulnar deviation)
Which projection is best used to view the ulnar-side carpals? PA Projection (radial deviation)
What is the most fractured carpal? Scaphoid
What is the most common wrist fracture for young children? Torus or Buckle Fx
How should the CR be angled for the PA Axial Scaphoid? 10-15° proximal
2 structures in lateral elbow olecranon process and trochlear notch
Projection instead of AP elbow when elbow is flexed Trauma lateral
IR angle of modified Stetcher 20 degrees
Which position shows a Bennet's Fx and what is the CR angle? Modified Robert's and 15 proximal
What are 2 criteria that indicate rotation on PA digits? phalanx shift concavity, soft tissue on sides of phalanges
Elbow fat pads indicate what 3 aspects of lateral? true lateral, elbow 90, optimum exposure
Why does the Stetcher Method use a 20 degree sponge? To elongate scaphoid and make it less painful than deviation
What part of the humeral anatomy separates the tubercles? Intertrabecular Groove
What is the most common elbow fracture in children? Supracondylar Fx (distal humerus above condyles)
What is a Nursemaid Fx? Partial dislocation of radial head cause by pulling
In an AP humerus, what structures are in profile? Greater Tubercle and epicondyles
What is the position for a Lateromedial Humerus Projection? Elbow partially bent, body rotated toward effected part to bring shoulder and elbow in contact with IR.
Are the epicondyles perp or parallel in a Lateromedial Humerus? They are Perpendicular to the IR
What are the 3 joints that makes the elbow? Proximal radioulnar, humeroulnar, and humeroradial joints
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