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GEOG 1101 Chp. 5

key terms

Cultural complex combination of traits characteristic of a particular group.
Cultural geography how space, place, & landscape shape culture at the same time that culture shapes space, place, & landscape.
Cultural hearths the geographic origins or sources of innovations, ideas, or ideologies.
Cultural landscape a characteristic & tangible outcome of the complex interactions between a human group & a natural environment.
Cultural region the areas within which a particular cultural system prevails.
Cultural system a collection of interacting elements that taken together shape a group’s collective identity.
Cultural trait a single aspect of the complex of routine practices that constitute a particular cultural group.
Culture a shared set of meanings that are lived through the material & symbolic practices of everyday life.
Ethnicity a socially created system of rules about who belongs & who does not belong to a particular group based upon actual or perceived commonality.
Folk culture traditional practices of small groups, especially rural people with a simple lifestyle who are seen to be homogeneous in their belief systems & practices.
Gender the social differences between men & women rather than the anatomical differences that are related to sex.
Language a means of communicating ideas or feelings by means of a conventionalized system of signs, gestures, marks, or articulate vocal sounds.
Race a problematic classification of human beings based on skin color & other physical characteristics.
Racialization the practice of categorizing people according to race, or of imposing a racial character or context.
Religion a belief system & set of practices that recognize the existence of a power higher than humans.
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