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Review for Tech

What is an important invention from the Twentieth Century? Air Condition, automobile, phones, etc.
Food, shelter, clothing, love, etc. Needs
An invention in the Stone Age Grinding stone
The focus during the Stone Age Survival
Two metals mixed together Alloy
Division of labor was introduced to this age, smelting, metal work, birth place of civilization, religion and government. Bronze Age
Steel and other tougher metals were discovered during this age, waste disposal became a problem. The Iron Age
This age endured plagues, famine, and was in turmoil after the fall of the Roman Empire and pollution, water was used as a power source for mills and foundries. The Middle Ages
The change to industry, steam engine, education was widespread, increase in private property. The Industrial Revolution
Technology affects ____, and ____ affects technology. Culture
Requirements to turn to industrialization Workers, adequate shelter and food for workers, transportation, and plenty of money.
In which age was the transition from a nomadic lifstyle to a stationar one? Stone Age
Controlling _____ was very important in the Stone Age. Fire
In the stone age, animals were ____ and this help tremendously. Domesticated
Ask -> Imagine -> Plan -> Create -> Improve -> Ask.... Goal
Innovation began, scientific views and theories developed, many new inventions, paintings Renaissance
People, energy, capital,info, tools and machines, materials, and time 7 Key Resources
Humans modify the world to achieve their wants and needs Technology
A limitation Constraint
developing/ creating to improve people's lives Engineering
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