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Honors English 9 SAT


to make ashamed; to embarrass Abash
to subside; to reduce abate
to step down from a position of power or responsibility abdicate
something not typical; a deviation from the standard. aberration
unoriginal; ordinary banal
poison; torment; cause of harm. bane
stronghold; fortress; fortified place bastion
to give birth to; to create; to lead to; to cause. beget
harsh sounding mixture of words, voices, or sounds. cacophony
rhythm; the rise and fall of sounds cadence
persuade someone to do something he or she doesn’t want to do. cajole
immature callow
to make fearful; to intimidate daunt
lack of; scarcity dearth
violent breakdown; sudden overthrow; overwhelming defeat debacle
wild living; excessive intemperance debauchery
boiling; bubbling with excitement; exuberant ebullient
not conventional; a little kooky; irregular. eccentric
choosing the best from many sources; drawn from many sources eclectic
to enlighten; to instruct, especially in moral or religious matters. edify
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