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Miles Pharmacology 2

Pharmocology exam 1 study guide

What are the three phrases of drug action and what happens in each smal gropu of healthy volunteers-onset of drug action elimination side effects, treatment in small group with disease- 100-300 is drug safe, large multicenter studies 1000-3000 is drug better than regular treatment control group receives regular treatment
when was the original food and drug act passed? 1906 USP and NF were given official status
When was the current food and drug act passed? 1938 food drug and cosmetic act becomes law, it protects the public
What is the FDA's role in sale and control of drug use power to approve or deny new drug applications and ensure compliance via inspections
define Affinity cell recipient
define efficacy how well a drug produces its desired effect
define agonist drug that binds to a specific receptor broducing a stimulatory response
define antagonist drug that prevents an agonist from binding to its specific receptor
define receptor site The site either on a cell surface or inside cell that binds with a specific substance or drug
define potency amount of a drug that must be given in order to produce a particular response
define half life major determining factor of the length of a drugs action in the body
define anaphylactic shock severe sudden allergic reaction that may be life-threatening
what is informed consent
list different receptor types commonly acted upon by RC drugs lipid soluble (Corticosteroids), transmembrane receptor (Albuterol)
be able to tell how G protein receptors work start effector system, produces second messenger that causese cell response
what is a side effect effects that were not necessarily intended
what is the advantage of the aerosol route of drug administration deliver medication to the immediate site of action with few systemic adverse effects
what things affect deposition of aerosol drugs in the lung
give causes of medication errors manufacturing errors ,prescribing errors, administration errors
list rights of drug adminstration right patient, right drug, right dose, right route, right time, right technique, right documentation
what do you chart after nebulizer therapy
review generic and trade names of adrenergic drugs
review different routes of drug admnistration enteral via gi tract, sublingual, buccal, Parenteral injection, topical, transdermal, inhalation, nasal, rectal, vaginal, eyes, ears
review different names drug goes through during approval chemical name-unique one of a kind often complicated and lengthy, generic name- less complicated there is only one generic name for each drug, trade name- created by a namufacturer to establish a product name that belongs to them
define pharmacology study of drugs including their origin properties and interactions with living organisms
define respiratory care pharmacology application of pharmacology to the treament of cardiopulmonary disease
what does MAR stand for Medication administration records
define therapeutic classification of drugs What condition the drug is used to treat
define pharmacological classification of drugs how the drug works in the body's systems, tiessues, and molecues
what is an aerosol liquid or fine powder that is sprayed in a fine mist
what are the three common delivery devices for aerosol drug administration nebulizers, dry powder inhalers (DPI's), Metered dose inhalers (MDI's)
what is the most common source of therapeutic drugs today
what factors affect drug action weight, age, sex, race
which receptors are found in the sympathetic nervous system and what do they do when stimulated
which receptors are found in the parasympathetic nervous system and what do they do when stimulated nicotinic, muscarinic
define adrenergic bronchodilators
define anticholinergic bronchodilators
list anticholinergic bronchodilators
give anticholinergic bronchodilators side effects
give anicholinergic bronchodilators clinical use
list adrenergic bronchodilators
give adrenergic bronchodilators side effects
give adrenergic bronchodilators clinical uses
list adrenergic bronchodilators
give antiadrenergic bronchodilators side effects
give antiadrenergic bronchodilators clinical uses
what is the dosage for giving albuterol in a continuous nebulizer
how do we asses effectiveness of beta 2 bronchodilators
how are peak flow meters used
how do we get percentage of predicted for peak flow readings
how are green, yellow and red zones determined for peak flow readings
how do you find a patients personal best peak flow reading
what distributes drugs throughout the body bloodstream
what organ metabolizes drugs liver
what organ eliminates drugs from the body kidney
what will happen to drug elimination of drugs if a patient has liver or kidney disease
define tolerance the development of resistance to a drugs effects to the degree that does must be raised continually to acheive the desired response
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