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What is Dogma? >Noun A system of doctrines put forward by and authority, especially a church,to be absolute truth.
What is Dogmatic? >Adjective > 2 definition 1.Pertaining to dogma 2.Expressed in an authoritative way or arrogant matter
What is Heterodox? >Adjective Not in agreement with accepted beliefs; holding unorthodox opinion.
What is an Agnostic? >2 POS >Noun >Adjective >2 Defintions 1.A person who believes nothing can be known about the experience of a god. 2.Relating to the belief that the existence of a god is unknowable.
What is Physiognomy? >Noun The art of juging human character by facil features when regarded as revealing character.
What is Prognosis? >Noun A prediction of he outcome of a disease ; forecast or prediction.
What is Criterion? >Noun A standard, rule, or test on which a decision or judgementcan be made.
What is Hypocrisy? >Noun Pretending to have feelings, beliefs, or virtues that one does not have.
What is Amnesty? >Noun A general pardon for offender, especially for political offenses.
What is Mnemonic? > 2 POS > Adjective > Noun > 2 Definitions 1.Relating to or assisting the memory 2.A device used in remembering
What is Frentic? > Adjective Frantic; frenzied
What is Schizophrenia? >Noun > 2 definiton 1.A severe mental disorder in which a person becomes unable to act or reason in a rational way, often with delusions and withdrawl from relationship 2.A situation of extreme conflict between choices, loyalties, or ways of life.
What is Arraign? >Verb > 2 definitions 1. (legal) To call to court to answer charges. 2. To accuse; To charge with wrong doing
What is Rationale? >Noun The reason underlying something, often presented as a statement.
What is Rationalize? >Verb To provide a rational basis for something often by false or self-seveing reasons
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