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2200–1400 BC Minoans
1600–1000 BC Mycenaeans
c. 1225 BC Trojan War
c. 1100–1000 BC Sea Peoples
1000–750 BC Dark Age
776 BC First Olympic Games
753–509 BC Roman Monarchy
c. 750 BC Iliad
750–500 BC Archaic Age
645 BC Palace at Nineveh
509–31 BC Roman Republic
500–323 BC Classical Age
490 BC Battle of Marathon
490 BC–479 BC Persian Wars
431-401 BC Peloponnesian War
429 BC Pericles d.
399 BC Socrates d.
323 BC Alexander the Great d.
323–31 BC Hellenistic Age
264 BC first gladiatorial games at Rome
264–149 BC Punic Wars
c. 100–31 BC Roman Civil Wars
44 BC Assassination of J. Caesar
31 BC Battle of Actium
31 BC–AD 14 reign of Augustus
31 BC–AD 476 Roman Empire
4 BC Jesus of Nazareth b.
AD 64 Great Fire in Rome
AD 79 Eruption of Mount Vesuvius
AD 80 Colosseum opens
AD 180–187 Commodus
c. AD 200 Tertullian, On Spectacles
c. AD 200–600 Late Antiquity
AD 312 Constantine becomes emperor
AD 330 Constantinople founded
AD 330–1453 Eastern Roman Empire
AD 404 gladiatorial combats banned at Rome
AD 476 last western Roman emperor abdicates
before AD 500 last Olympic Games
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