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Figurative Lang AAS

Figurative Language examples re All Am. Slurp

Bradley loves to play the piano perfectly at each recital. alliteration
The halls of the high school building were tired and achy after the first day of school, and they sighed with relief as the last student ran out the door to head home. personification
I started throwing them like some maniac pitching machine - Wham! Wham! Wham! onomatopoeia and/or simile
...and snapped her had out toward me like a music-box monkey. (look at the words "music-box monkey") alliteration
Between batters I just strolled toe-to-heel around the edge of the mound like a tightrope walker. simile
So we jumped five more times and all the fear and falling wiped out of every hyper feeling. alliteration
"I've told you a million times to clean up your room if you want TV time," Sally's mom said. hyperbole
I played like I was a mannequin at a store. simile
...and your gooseflesh skin just wants to climb up your bones and hunch up your shoulders. personification
I was a caveman. metaphor
Mom slapped my hand away just as the tire hit the hole hard. alliteration
She was taking the long roller coaster way to Pittsburg, which was up and down about a million backroads. hyperbole and metaphor (comparing the drive to a roller coaster)
"Splat!" I said, imagining the blister popping open as I smacked it. onomatopoeia
"Truce", she barked, and stuck out her wrinkled old hand which looked like a dried fish. simile
When I woke up I wiggled my foot around, but Pablo had already crawled out of the bottom of the bed and tiptoed out of the room. personification
You are the caveman with a rock. metaphor
By then I was doubled up and howling with laughter like a spotted hyena. simile
"Can you move your arm?" I bleated. "Your BO is killing me!" hyperbole
The sprinter was a rocket when he passed the finish line. metaphor
Bryan, our largest football player, was as large as a moose. simile
a comparison that uses the word like or as simile
a comparison that does not include the word like or as metaphor
extreme exaggeration used to make a point the act of giving human or living qualities to animals or non-living objects
the repetition of a consonant letter or sound at the beginning of words alliteration
a word whose sound suggest its meaning onomatopoeia
Created by: rtjazz