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What is an infant? What can they do? Name five. Birth to one year. Cry, eat, sleep, diaper changed, babble, sounds, words, smile, roll over, grab objeacts, sit up, crawl, walk.
What is an toddler? What can they do? Name five. Toddlers- 1 to 3. walk, run, jump, climb, words to phrases to sentnces, have temper tantrums, try to be indrpendent which leads frustration, toilet training, learn by imitating.
What is a preschooler? What can they do? Name five. 3 to 5 years old. Got to shool, learn to count, letters, shapes, colors, etc., *share*, great imagination, know how to feed, dress, and go to the bathroom themselves.
What is physical growth? Give Examples. What you see like growth, weight, what they can do with their bodies. Examples like sit up , run , jump.
What is intellectual growth? Give three examples What you know. Examples your phone number, name, leeters, numbers, sounds, words, etc. NEVER STOPS
What is social growth? How you act towards others. Share and team games.
What is emotional growth? How you feel. The ability to know, understand and control your feelings. Temper tantrums. * influenced by personaility.
What is a kid care kit? A pack of toys or crafts you bring with you top babysitting jobs.
what is parralell play? When you play beside someone, but not with them.
What is babbling? Baby talk
What are 10 ways to keep children safe? Don't put pillows or largefloopy toys in crib,lock all windows,keep an eye on children when by the grill,keep cleaners up high,keep medicine up high,store kitchen hazarsds out of reach,
What are ten ways to keep kids safe continued. use flame resitant clothes to beduse locks on cabinets,use electrical socket covers, have smoke detectors, have gates at the top and bottom of stairs,
What are some characteristics of a quality preschool? Toys, art supplies, colorful walls, dress up / drama theater, and GREAT TEACHER.
What are good characteristics of a kids book? Rhymimg, color, pictures.
Created by: pensgurly9dupuis