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chapter 2 diversity


copyright the leagal right of someone, usually the author or artist, to use or reproduce a work
cross cultural communication sharing messages verbally, or non-verbally, or writing with people from different cultures
culture a set of beliefs, attitudes, practices, and social customs that distinguishes a group of people
discrimination unfair treatment of a person or group on the biasis of prejudice
diversity the presence of a wide range of variation in qualities or attributes of people things
ethics principles of right and wrong that govern behavior
ethnicity the division of people into groups that share a common ancestory, history, or culture
etiquitte a set of rules of behavior for a particular place or situation
globalization the integration of activities among nations in areas such as commerce and culture
identity theft stealing and illegelly using a persons private data
inclusion seeing and valuing the contributions of everyone and treating eveyone fiarly
multinational company a company that conducts buisness in at least two nations
plagerism the act of claiming someone elses words or ideas as your own
prejiduce a baisis that prevents objective thought about a person or thing
race the division of people into groups based on physical characteristics such as skin or hair clolor
sterotype an oversimplified belief about a group of people
trade secret iformation that gives a buisness a competitive advantage and that it makes reasonable efforts to keep a secret
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