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Social Studies DDMS1

First social studies test

Name the 5 themes of geography. Location, Place, Human-Environment Interaction, Movement, Regions.
What is the difference between absolute and relative location? Absolute Location is a specific description of where a place lies. An address or coordinates on a map. A relative location is a general description of where a place lies (North Carolina is north of Georgia.)
What is the difference between a map and a globe? Globe is - life-like model of Earth, sphere/ball, harder to carry around than maps, expensive, spins/rotates. Map is -- able to show more information (usually), flat, inexpensive, less accurate (some details may be distorted), easy to use/carry
What is the difference between a a physical, political and special purpose map? Physical map shows major physical features of a region like deserts, mountains and plains. Political map shows borders between countries, and major cities. Special purpose map shows one specific theme or topic like religion or climate or population.
What is the same between a map and a globe? Both-- Show what the world looks like,show countries and cities, show mountains, deserts, oceans
Define equator. An imaginary line of latitude around the earth, dividing Northern and Southern hemispheres.
Define prime meridian. An imaginary line of longitude separating Eastern and Western hemispheres.
Difference between human and physical characteristics? Physical features naturally exist in an area, like terrain, mountains, water. Human features are what humans have built, like buildings and dams.
What do tangible and intangible mean? Tangible: capable of being touched (food, clothes, resources) Intangible: incapable of being touched (thoughts, ideas, information)
What are the 4 hemispheres of the world? northern southern eastern and western hemispheres
What are the 5 parts of a map? title, compass rose, scale, legend, locator map
Define the 6 basic geography terms in your geographical dictionary. ocean, plain, island, lake, plateau, mountain
Created by: vivlund