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Music 262

Quiz 1

Ricky Nelson The Adventure of Ozzie and Harriet, Put R&R music in America’s living room, “LA Rockabilly” style in some of his music (not from the south)
Buddy Holly Last of the 50’s giants, Pointed the music toward the first Rock Band, First major white artist to write/produce his music, First to use the studio as an instrument, Explored the techniques of sound and production, Popularized the Fender Stratocaster
The Crickets Prototypes for a self-contained rock band, The two guitar/bass/drums combination – set the standard for British Bands
Rock Styles Expand: The Push Toward Pop (1958-1963) Late 50’s transitional period between initial R&R and teen idol period, Newcomers had clean-cut images – broadened the appeal
The 1968 Comeback Christmas TV Special Brought back the “Elvis Rocker”
Carl Perkins Known as the “King of Rockabilly”, Remained true to his style
Perkins at Sun Music is an extension of his hillbilly roots than a rebellious break of tradition
Jerry Lee Lewis Influenced by the great barrelhouse piano players New Orleans
Lewis’ Success Lewis was viewed as Elvis’ rival
Memphis/Rockabilly Invented by Elvis, Frenzied mix of country, blues, gospel and pop
Rockabilly Style Traits No drummer used in band, Use of slapping bass, Classic rockabilly was almost entirely the product of Sun Records and Sam Phillips
Sam Phillips Owner and operator of Sun studios, Important figure in the development of R&R
History of Elvis Gospel remained a part of Elvis’ repertoire throughout his career
The Sun Studio Years of Elvis (53-55) Sun recordings reflect discovery for Elvis, Dubbed the “hillbilly cat”
Presley/Important Observations The first rock hero, Forced R&R down the mainstream’s throat, Made it R&R more than a passing fad for R&B, Opened the gates for black R&B artists
Elvis with RCA Col. Tom Parker became new manager, Reached national status with Heartbreak Hotel, Defined the rock image of the fifties, Helped link R&R with television, Created an acceptance for black music
AM Radio - Disc Jockeys Ignored mainstream white major labels, Played small independents labels
Nat D. Williams First black disc jockey, known as radios "Jackie Robinson"
William "Hoss" Allen/John R. Richbourg Gene Nobles/Herman Grizzard White disc jockeys of WLAC (Nashville), The "50,000 Watt Quartet"
New Orleans Major contributor to crossover R&B, Emphasis on piano/bass/sax, Bass lines derived from the cultural mix of New Orleans population
Cosimo Matassa Owner of J&M recording studio (The only studio in New Orleans
Dave Bartholomew Played a crucial role in the development of R&R in New Orleans, Collaborations with Fats Domino
Fats Domino Ambassador of the New Orleans sound, Offered white kids an easy first step into the world of Black music
Little Richard Direct Opposite to the music of Fats Domino, Total extravert (The "Bronze Liberace"), Has written some of rock's landmark songs
Early R&R in Chicago Delta blues became amplified in Chicago, Chess Records began in the late fourties by Leonard and Phil Chess
Bo Diddley Frank Kirkland (drums)/Jerome Green (Maracus), Green was his sidekick and alter ego
Chuck Berry Influenced by Johnny Johnson (pianist)
Important Innovations of Chuck Berry Helped establish R&R as a musical form in itself, established the guitar as THE rick instrument, First great rock poest (excellent lyricist), Broke through the color barriers, Played to integrated audience
Created by: crescenti
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