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PsychTest 1

The United States is strongly _______________, whereas most Western European countries lean toward _____________. individualistic; collectivism
a process of gradually augmenting the same types of skills that were there to begin with continuous
a process in which new and different ways of understanding and responding to the world emerge at specific times. discontinuous
events that are strongly related to age and therefore fairly predictable in when they occur and how long they last age-graded influence
explain why people born around the same time tend to be alike in ways that set them apart from people born at other times history graded influence
What does Behaviorism focus on? directly observable events-stimuli and response
provides score that could successfully predict school achievement and sparked interest in individual differences in development the Stanford-Benit Intelligence Scale
the largest portion of the mind, is the source of basic biological needs and desires id
the conscious, rational part of personality-emerges in early infancy to redirect the id's impulses so they are discharged on appropriate objects at acceptable times and places ego
conscience. develops through interactions with parents, who insts that children conform to the values of society super ego
What is the relationship between hypothesis and theory? initiate the many activities that result in sound evidence on human development
a number that describes how two measures, or variables, are associated with one number correlation coefficient
How does experimental method permit cause and effect to be detected? researchers use an evenhanded procedure to assign people to two or more treatment conditions
the individual's physical and behavioral characteristics, which are determined by both genetic and environmental factors phenotype
the complex blend of genetic information that determines our species and influences all our unique characteristics genotype
How many sets of chromosomes do humans typically have? 23
a segment of DNA along the length of the chromosome gene
the duplication of DNA mitosis
sex cells-sperm or ovum gamete
halves the number of chromosomes normally present in the body cells meiosis
matching pairs of chromosomes autosomes
What determines the sex of the baby? sperm
Why are boys more likely to be affected by X linked disorders? because there sex chromosomes do not match
most common inherited cause of mental retardation. an abnormal repetition of a sequence of DNA bases occurs on the X chromosome, damaging a particular gene fragile X syndrome
results from a failure of the 21 pair of chromosomes to separate during meiosis, so the new individual inherits three of these chromosomes rather than the normal two down syndrome
have trouble with spacial relationships- drawing pictures, teling right from left, following travel directions, and noticing changes in facial expressions turner's syndrome
In the US how many millions of people live in poverty? What percentage? nearly 40 million 13 percent
In the US what is the poverty rate for single mothers? fifty percent
How many sperm are produced and how many finally reach the egg. 300 million a day 300-500 reach the egg
the cell that results when sperm and ovum unite at conception zygote
60 -70 cells exist that form a hollow, fluid filled ball blastocyst
How many days after conception does implantation occur? between seventh and ninth day
What is the function of the amniotic fluid? helps keep temperature of the prenatal world constant and provides a cushion against any jolts caused by woman's movements
the organ that separates the mother's bloodstream from the embryo or fetal bloodstream but permits exchange of nutrients and waste products placenta
How long does the period of the embryo last? 8 weeks
During the period of the embryo, what develops the fastest? nervous system
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