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1 - 25 drugs

25 of 207 drugs

1 lipitor atorvastatin a statin drug for hypercholesterolemia, taken orally
2 trimox amoxicillin a penicillin antibiotic for infections, taken orally, Amoxil
3 microzide hydrochlorothiazide a thiazide diuretic for hypertension and edema, taken by mouth
4 zithromax azithromycin a microlide antibiotic for infections, taken orally and IV
5 glucophage also comes in xr, an antidiabetic, for type 2, oral or iv, generic metformin
6 tenormin atenolol a beta blocker for angina, hypertension, and acute m.i., oral or iv
7 zocor simvastatin a statin drug, for hypercholesterolemia, taken orally
8 xanax (xr) alprazolam [C4] a benzodiazepine for panic attacks, taken orally
9 lasix furosemide a loop diuretic drug for hypertension edema, taken orally or iv
10 ambien (cr) zolpidem [C4] also comes in CR, a hypnotic for insomnia, taken orally
11 Klor Con potassium chloride a potassium supplement for hypokalemia, oral or iv, K dur and Micro K
12 zoloft sertraline an antidepressant SSRI for major depression, panics, and ocd, taken orally
13 singular montelukast a leukotriene inhibitor for asthma, taken orally
14 lexapro escitalopram an antidepressant SSRI for major depression and anxiety, taken orally
15 roxicet apap and oxycodone [C2] a narcotic analgesic for moderate to severe pain, taken orally, Endocet, Percocet, and Tylox
16 nexium esomeprazole a ppi for gerd, esophagitis, ulcers, h.pylori, taken orally
17 jantoven warfarin an anticoagulant for clot prevention and treatment, oral or iv, Coumadin
18 motrin ibuprofen an nsaid for arthritis, dysmenorrhea, and pain, taken orally, Advil
19 plavix clopidogrel a platelet aggregation blocker for acute coronary syndrome and clot prevention, taken orally
20 norvasc amlodipine a calcium channel blocker for hypertension and coronary artery disease, taken orally
21 sterapred prednisone a corticosteroid for inflammation, adrenal insufficiency, and ms, taken orally, Deltasone
22 keflex cephalexin an cephalosporin antibiotic for infection, taken orally
23 serafem fluoxetine an SSRI antidepressant for depression, ocd, and panic disorders, taken orally, Prozac
24 volmax albuterol a beta agonist for bronchospasms, inhaled, Proventil, ProAir HFA, Ventolin HFA
25 zyrtec cetirizine an antihistamine for allergic rhinitis, taken orally



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