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Geography Terms

Terms to Study for Geography

Groundwater Water held below the water table in an aquifer
Aquifer a permeable rock which is capable of holding and transmitting groundwater
Aquitard An impermeable layer of rock incapable of transmitting economic quantities of water
Live Aquifer An aquifer which is replenished regularly by water inputs from the recharge surface area
Fossil Aquifer Aquifers which do not receive regular recharge due to to little precipitation in the area
Abstraction The removal of water from rivers, lakes and groundwater for human use
Infiltration The movement of water from rain or snow-melt into the soil
Water Table The upper surface of the zone of saturation in a permeable rock
Artesian Basin A Basin Structure containing water under hydrostatic pressure in a aquifer
Cone of Depression An area below or around a well, where the water table has been permanently lowered due to over abstraction of that well
Natural Recharge The Filling of Groundwater aquifers by rain or snow-melt percolating into the ground and saturating porous rocks
Artificial Recharge Adding Water to an aquifer through human effort
Unconfined Aquifer An aquifer not situated below and aquitard with the same hydrostatic pressure as the atmosphere
Confined Aquifer An aquifer situated below an aquitard, experiencing high hydrostatic pressure
Hydrostatic Pressure The Fluid Pressure exerted by the underlying column of water in a body of water when at rest
Pontentiometric surface The level to which water will rise in an aquifer
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