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Acronyms for MN

Abbreviations for Minnesota Assessments

ABE Adult Based Education - an educational program for adults 16 and over who are not enrolled in school and don't have a HS diploma/HS basic skill equivalency.
ABS Absent - test code
ACT American College Testing - a testing company headquartered in Iowa City, Iowa that publishes the EXPLORER, PLAN, and ACT tests.
ALD Achievement Level Descriptor - a description of what students can typically do when their score falls within 4 achievement levels (Does Not Meet Standards, Partially Meets Standards, Meets Standards, Exceeds Standards)
ALT Alternate Assessment - A test code only for written Composition GRAD and reading, mathematics, and Written Composition BST retests.
AMAO Annual Measurable Achievement Objectives - No child left behind (NCLB) requires limited english proficiency (LEP) students in districts to show progress in language proficiency. The TEAE and MN SOLOM are used to measure that progress.
AYP Adequate Yearly Progress - NCLB requires students in schools and districts to make progress towards being proficient in reading and mathematics by 2014. Schools and districts that don't make AYP face consequences.
BST Basic Skills Test - A set of reading, mathematics, and writing tests introduced in 1996 that students who entered grade 8 in 2004-2005 or earlier must pass in order to be eligible to receive a diploma from a MN public HS.
CR Constructed Response - A science test item where the student is required to write a response that is scored by humans.
DAC District Assessment Coordinator - the person in the district that is responsible for the conduct of statewide assessments; the main communication like between the district and the Research and Assessment Division of MDE and Pearson.
DSR District Students Result file - A large Excel file that contains all student-level data from the assessments, including demographic information, achievement level information and various test scores.
EL English Learner - a general term to describe someone whose primary language is not English.
FE Foreign Exchange - A student from another country who attends a MN HS for one year. These students may take assessments but they won't be included in AYP calculations.
NCLB No Child Left Behind - The federal Law passed in 2002 that requires all states to give reading and mathematics tests to students in grades 3-8, and once in HS. Schols are expected to make AYP toward the goal of all students being proficient in 2014.
NTC New-to-Country - An LEP-identified student who first enrolled in a US school within 12 months of when the accountability tests are administered.
PSEO Post Secondary Education Options
REF Parent Refusal (a test code)
SAC School Assessment Coordinator - the person in the school with variety of responsibilities related to the operation of the statewide assessments in their school.
TE Technology Enhanced - a technology enhanced test item on the online Mathematics MCA or Science MCA where students select one or more points on a graphic, drag and drop a graphic from one location to another, or manipulate a graph.
TAR Test Administration Repot - A form the DAC's fill out to document a variety of special circumstances that occur during a testing window.
TEAE Test of Emerging Academic English - a test given to LEP students that measurs reading and writing language proficiency to comply with the Title III requirement of NCLB.
TSN Test Security Notification - a form used to document the occurence of a serious breach of security.
USED United States Department of Education
ESL English as a Second Language - A general term to describe a program that teaches English to EL students or someone that teaches in that program.
GR Gridded Response - a test item on the Mathematics MCA where students compute the correct answer and enter it in a gridded format.
GRAD Graduation Required Assessment for Diploma - A set of reading, mathematics, and writing tests introduced in 2006-07 that students who entered in grade 8 in 2005 or later must pass in order to be eligible to receive a diploma from a MN public HS.
IEP Individual Education Plan - for special education students.
INV Invalid - a test code
ISR Individual Student Report - A report for parents that gives information about how their child did on a test.
LEP Limited English Proficient - A term used to designate students who come from a home where a language other that english is usually spoken and who lack the necessary english skills to fully participate in classes taught in english.
MARSS Minnesota Automated Reporting Student System - An MDE database system for tracking a variety of student information.
MARSS WES A web edit system for entering and editing data for MARSS.
MC Multiple Choice - A test item where the student selects the correct answer from a set of numbers, usually 4.
MCA MN Comprehensive Assessment - Mathematics, reading, and science tests MN uses to comply with Title I requirement of NCLB.
MCA-Modified MN Comprehensive Assessment-Modified - An alternate assessment based on modified achievement standards for a small group of students whose disability had precluded them from achieving grade-level proficiency.
MDE MN Department of Education
ME Medical Excuse - a test code
MN SOLOM MN Student Oral Language Observation Matrix - A checklist that teachers complete to rate listening and speaking language proficiency of EL students.
MTAS MN Test of Academic Skills - A series of tests given to students with the most significant cognitive disabilities that measures performance on alternate achievement standards in reading, mathematics, and science. Requires students to be eligible.
NAEP National Assessment of Educational Progress - Sometimes called the Nation's Report Card, these tests are given in a sample of districts to measure the performance of MN students on national academic standards.
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