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Vocab Words 9-8-11

Geography vocab

An area of the earth's surface definite shape; mountains and hills are examples of landforms. Landform
Usually a landform that rises more than 2000ft above sea level and is wide at the bottom and narrow at the peak. Mountain
A landform that rises above the surrounding land and that has a rounded top; a hill is lower and usually less steep than mountains. Hill
A large mostly flat area that rises above the surrounding land; at least one side has a steep slope. Plateau
The theory that the earth's crust is made of huge, slowly moving slabs of rock called plates. Plate Tectonics
In geography a huge section of earth's crust. Plate
The breaking down of rocks by wind,rain, or ice. Weathering
A process by which water; wind or ice wears away landforms and carries the material to another place. Erosion
The multi-layered band of gases that surround the Earth. Atmosphere
The path followed by an object in space as it moves around the sun. Orbit
One complete orbit of earth around the sun. The earth completes one revolution every 365 1/4th days, or one year. Revolution
An imaginary line around which a planet turns around. Earth turns around its axis which runs between its North and South Poles. Axis
The spinning motion of earth like a top on its axis. Earth takes about 24 hours to rotate one time. Rotation
The region between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. Low Latitude
The regions between the Tropic of Cancer and the Arctic Circle and the Tropic of Capricorn and the Antarctic Circle. Middle Latitude
The regions between the Arctic Circle and the North Pole and the Antarctic Circle and the South Pole. High Latitude
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